Merrimack Wants To Vote On Gay Marriage - Granite Grok

Merrimack Wants To Vote On Gay Marriage


By a 65-35 majority the voters of Merrimack would like the opportunity for a statewide vote on the question of gay marriage.


In other voting, the budgets passed-both less than the default, Chris Ortega and Shannon Barnes won the two open School board seats, Dwyer and Flood got elected to the two open town council seats, and as far as I can tell these are all good things. 

Another vote on articles to add teaching staff that was cut from the school budget back in at the last moment failed.  The cuts were made due to declining enrollment but several people in town and on the budget committee had been trying to get the positions put back in the school district operating budget as seperate articles.  The voters were not in the mood for it.

And finally, I still do not know if Bill Boyd won a seat on the School budget committee but I should have that by morning.


(H/T Rick Barnes)