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Can You Name This NH Rep?

No Parking 


In the world as it really is, there are people in positions of power–even power as divided as the New Hampshire State Legislature–who feel entitled to special treatment.  These ‘perks’ come in all forms.  The one pictured above is the ability or ‘right’ to park in a no parking zone without fear of repercussion.

This particular "special person" makes a habit of parking in the no parking zone of the legislative parking lot regularly.  The local peace officers have not been willing to ticket or tow this individuals vehicle–something they would have no qualms doing if it were a car owned by one of the other millions of residents, their friends, or acquaintances–because they are a member of the general court.

Last time I checked–back when Brian Poznanski (D-Nashua) was violating his oath of office in front of 23 people at a house party (or maybe that should be ‘House’ party) in Bedford–members of the general court are requied to follow the laws, even ones they did not themselves vote to enact.


So….can you name the state legislator?

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