Extinctions - Granite Grok



Scientists have formed a consensus on the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs.  It was George Bush’s fault.  (Couldn’t resist)  Actually it was global warming.  Sorry, that’s not it.  To be honest is was the lack of affordable health care.   Or maybe the stimulus was not “baby-Bear”—you know, “Jussst riggght.”  Or maybe—(maybe) and this is a stretch–a giant asteroid hit the earth creating an actual climate crisis, as opposed to the one Al Gore refers too which is what happens when the AC isn’t blowing evenly across the back of his chauffeured town car.

Life’s a bitch when your that big.  You know if he lost about 100 pounds he might not think it’s so damn warm everywhere he goes.  If Al was bulimic he’d be bitching about how cold it is or why regular people north of Virginia can’t grow a Tomato bigger than an acorn because the growing seasons shrunk to 8 weeks of cool and cloudy days.

Where was I?  Dinosaurs. (Not unlike the dinosaurs of liberal thought.)

I guess the answer is that an asteroid slightly larger than Al Gore was the most likely cause of the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction that wiped out everything unable to adapt to the changing environment.  There is some evidence to contradict that idea of total extinction however.  Sleestack have been emerging in leadership positions within the democrat party for years, though there is growing evidence that even they are now in danger.  After months of ignoring the changing “political” environment they appear to be on the brink of legislative extinction.   This as a result of their obsessive addiction to the idea of Barack Obama, and their unwillingness to disconnect the idea—pre election, to the reality of Comrade Obama post election; an Obama who used them to get into office, but who could care less how many of them he destroys while in office.