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Why don’t they just let the people vote?


Tax  Cap

From our friends  at the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition, on the decision by the Manchester Board of Alderman NOT to place a spending cap question on the November ballot:


Gang of Eight Alderman Seek to Delay the Will of 4,000 Residents

Manchester, NH – The Manchester spending cap petition, which was lawfully collected by volunteer voters in Manchester, was narrowly rejected for placement on the November ballot by a "Gang of Eight" aldermen led by Mike Lopez. The "Gang of Eight" called the placement of the measure on the November ballot "too soon," and claimed "too many questions remain about it."  These alderman were Aldermen Mike Lopez, Bill Shea, Betsi DeVries, George Smith, Russ Ouellette, Mark Roy, Jim Roy and Dan O’Neil. The taxpayers may have lost on this night but a rematch is scheduled for this Friday at 4:00 pm.
"What we witnessed last night was nothing short of an affirmation of why we need a spending cap here in Manchester. The board had four months to get answers to their "questions." Four months to make their case to the voters of Manchester on why we shouldn’t have a spending cap. Instead the "Gang of Eight" spent four months trying to figure out how to keep it off the November ballot." said Mike Biundo, Chairman of NHAC.
If Mike Lopez’s "Gang of Eight" gets their way, Manchester taxpayers will have to spend $50,000 on a low turn-out high dollar special election which will need to be held during our holiday season.
"Shopping and sipping our egg nog; that’s how Lopez and company are hoping to catch us, causing a wintery low turnout and high dollar holiday special election." continues Biundo
The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition appreciates the leadership displayed by Mayor Frank Guinta and Aldermen Mike Garrity, Kelleigh Domaingue, Ted Gatsas, Peter Sullivan, Ed Osborne and Real Pinard for holding back the tide of special interest talk and voting for the spending cap to be placed appropriately on the November ballot.
Will the voters of Manchester let eight residents stand in the way of the will of 4,000? We shall see…