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Town Meeting Reminder: Setting the record straight on “The Pledge” and the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition

pay no attention

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

[NOTE: This was originally posted on February 25th. We are bumping this back up to the top as a reminder for those who are participating in today’s elections in towns across the Granite State not to be fooled by this thinly-veiled attempt at paving the way for broad-based taxes and the destruction of the New Hampshire Advantage.]

Our friend Jane Aitken of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers (CNHT) sends the following article in order to help Granite Grok readers further understand who’s really behind the "anti-pledge" warrant articles appearing on some 88 towns here in NH. As it is an underhanded attempt to chip away at our New Hampshire Advantage, we are doing everything we can to expose this group for who they are and what they are trying to do to our beloved Granite State… 

Once again it’s the time of year when NH residents will attend town meetings, school meetings, and deliberative sessions, to decide how  their tax dollars will be spent. They will make decisions about the education of their children.  Since we in NH cherish local control, I present to you some infiltrators to be wary of during these discussions.

There will likely be present operatives from a group by the name of "Granite State Fair Tax Coalition". They may be offering any number  of "resolutions" for approval in the form of citizens petitioned warrant articles.

These articles may contain resolutions calling for our candidates for  State Representative, State Senator, and Governor to reject the local  "Taxpayer Protection Pledge".

This is merely an attempt to demonize those taking the Pledge as well as an attack on the Pledge itself. Taking the Pledge simply means that fiscally responsible legislators promise to reject any broad-based new tax such as a sales or income tax. Along with the goal of getting candidates to reject the Pledge, the articles may even be amended to specifically state the consideration of an income or sales tax.

The reasoning behind this non-binding action seems purely psychological and intended to convince taxpayers that  somehow, a new broad-based tax will lower property taxes. However, freedom of speech dictates that one’s right to take the Pledge cannot be legislated away. Candidates can and will continue to take the Pledge if they expect to be elected.


The argument against a state income tax is a strong one, shown in studies such as the Yankee Institute of Connecticut’s "Fifteen Years of Folly" which proved that the added burden of a state income and sales tax made NO significant impact on the lowering of property taxes.

Accusing Pledge-takers of keeping taxes high, is an unproven foregone conclusion and an insult. GSFTC cannot produce ONE study that shows property taxes to have been lowered  as a result of an added sales or income tax.

Our last two governors took the Pledge as did many of our fiscally responsible local legislators. It is their promise to keep spending in control and keep education under local control. You can click here to view the pledge for yourself.

Finally, the group known as "Granite State Fair Tax Coalition" is NOT a bona-fide ‘grassroots’ group but a branch of a larger cabal of groups influenced by national and international outside interests, who are  themselves tax-exempt.  Because of who they are, they DO NOT belong in town meetings looking to pave the way for more taxation at the state level, even if this were an appropriate place to lobby for such taxes. You can explore GSFTC’s list of supporting groups by clicking here. (The last link on that page should be this one)

The Pledge is offered each year by The Coalition of NH Taxpayers, a bona-fide grassroots user-supported NH-based taxpayer advocacy group, the largest of its kind.

If GSFTC or any of it’s affiliates shows up at your meeting, they should be shown the door. If an article to dump the Pledge finds its way onto your ballot, it should be voted down.