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Must See TV: Defending the New Hampshire Advantage on Political Chowder

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With the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition’s silly "anti-pledge" warrant article appearing on 88 town warrants here in NH– a tool to begin the demonization process of our present system of government funding via the property tax– including ours right here in Gilford, we have decided that now is the time to stand up for the famed "New Hampshire Advantage." With the purveyors of the scheme, the "Granite State Fair Tax Coalition" (GSFTC) beginning a state-wide propaganda public relations campaign this week, the time is NOW!. Starting on last week’s radio program (podcast here), followed with posts here, and here, we have not, and will not let this thinly veiled step towards broad-based taxes move forward here in our beloved Granite State without a fight. 

Today (Sunday) at 11 am, tune in to WZMY TV and watch me and former NH Supreme Court Justice Charles "Chuck" Douglas defend the New Hampshire Advantage on Arnie Arneson’s Sunday morning TV talk program, Political Chowder. In addition to the host, a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate who refused to take the anti tax pledge herself, we debated the issue with two supporters of the measure, Paul Henle of the GSFTC, and Alstead Selectman Matt Sexton. Check it out and drop a note– tell us what you think.  

While my appearance is in the second half of Arnie’s show, the first portion is worth your time as well. Chuck Douglas and NH GOP Chair Fergus Cullen faced off against Paul Twomey and Arnie on a variety of topics. As you would expect, they did an excellent job in defense of conservative Republicanism. If you don’t get a chance to catch the program, as Skip noted in the previous post below, you can watch the video on your computer by clicking here.