I get mail... [Caution, "salty" language!] - Granite Grok

I get mail… [Caution, “salty” language!]

Between postings here at GraniteGrok, over at GilfordGrok, and the Thursday column in the Laconia Daily Sun, along with the Saturday radio program, Meet the New Press, there is little left to the imagination as to where I stand on the issues. And along the way, I pick up people who agree with me– and those who don’t. In the course of all that, I have engaged in a debate or two as well. While many of those that I have disagreed with are like me in that they don’t take anything personally and prefer to debate the merits, there are some that take it to the next level. Those would be the true believers in the cause du jour– the real zealots.

While the option of posting comments or writing letters to the newspapers is always available, sometimes their emotions get the best of them, apparently, and they let the emails fly. Lately, they are coming in with greater frequency. I guess that means we’re getting to ’em. Cool

Here are a couple that stick out:

You are an evil man and a right wing NUT!

Not to be outdone, the next one comes a from a "fan" of last week’s newspaper column (page 4) based on this post critical of our two Democratic Congressmen’s actions in blocking renewal of the intelligence laws critical to national security needs. The spelling errors are his. I apologize in advance for the language, but in order to experience the full meaning, and in the name of freedom of speech, it must be included as written and received:

I ask you to cover the issues at hand from both sides of the fence.  Clearly you have no in this instance and its fucking disgusting.  How you can get this drival into a newspaper is beyond me.
You sir are a fucking disgrace upon this county.

He’s defending Carol Shea Porter and calling ME a disgrace?