Spottings on 7/6/06 - Granite Grok

Spottings on 7/6/06

Gee, even the NEA thinks that "Simpler Spelling" is a bad idea (h/t Slashdot

Wanna sleep on something different? 

Gee, such a surprise!  Temperatures on Earth may be dependant on the Sun’s activity – D’oh!   Sorry, Al…

Ann may be in trouble again, but not for her mouth 

Although not Catholic, I’ve heard some stories about the Nuns at Catholic schools.  Imagine the faces of Islamic matyrs if this is what they get instead of the promised 72 Virgins

I generally like William Buckley, I really do…but this?  Not so much…really, not so much….

Conservatives CAN ask Liberals where is their Patriotism

My definition of a fast seems to be a lot different than this… A rolling fast…is no fast at all….

Soldier’s Angels needs help!