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They are demanding citizenship

This is a nation governed by the rule of law peopled by legal immigrants.

We have been treated to massive demonstrations from those who have crossed our borders without following our laws.
And they are demanding citizenship.

“Undocumented” has supplanted the word “illegal”. “Rule of “law” means “do not enforce”. “Secure the borders” translates to “open borders”.
Isn’t this spin on a massive scale?

When laws are created, they are to be followed and enforced. We say we trust in the rule of law. Justice is rightly judging behavior by the standard of law and not by feelings. I want our border and immigration laws enforced. Does this make me a racist, bigoted, or mean spirited?

The demonstrators? They are NOT those that have waited years, stayed within our legal process, who often have given up much to legally obtain their citizenship.
The demonstrators are not quietly following the lawful path to citizenship.

Coming from other countries, mainly Mexico, they feel they are owed US citizenship. They want to cut in line in front of those dutifully following our laws. They claim that they only want their part of the American dream.
They have crashed our gates and are demanding citizenship.

They displayed their countries’ flags with honor and pride. They flew them above an upside down “Old Glory”. They stopped only when they realized that their actions were outraging American citizens who saw the lack of respect for our national symbol for which millions have given their lives.
They are demanding American citizenship while giving their home countries more honor than America.

Why do we have to keep asking our leaders over and over “What part of ‘illegal’ do you not understand?” We are told we need “guest workers” yet illegal aliens take jobs away from the least skilled American workers by undercutting wages, not paying taxes, and gaming the social safety net.
Why do our leaders allow our laws to be flaunted?

Our leaders in the Senate offer amnesty but refuse to call it that. They propose laws offering citizenship by asking illegals to prove length of stay, paying of small fines, learning English, and paying back taxes.
Why do they give away our priceless American Citizenship to gate crashers?

Why will they not enforce our laws by deporting these lawbreakers, and heavily fining the lawbreaking employers who hire them? Why do they not dry up the incentives for illegals to come here (like all other countries do)?
Why don’t we demand more from them?

Our Democratic and Republican leaders are not listening to the majority of their citizens; only content to make political deals that puts themselves first instead of the country. Has politics degenerated so much such that they so little value American Citizenship?
Why do we not demand more from them?

No other country would allow Americans to demonstrate for the same rights asked of us. The Mexican constitution denies foreigners many of the rights that they, foreigners in this country, believe they are owed.
They demand citizenship.

Their organizations, MEChA and La Raza, elevate Mexican / Atzlan culture (“Everything for the race. Everything outside the race, nothing”) and labels ours racist. Reconquistas want to turn back the clock 160 yearsl they want the US Southwest returned to Mexico. They work in concert with A.N.S.W.E.R, who has ties to organizations that would be happy to see America brought down. They show us by their actions that they do not wish to assimilate.
They demand citizenship.

They claim that we are a nation of immigrants, that anyone should have the rights of a US citizen. They refuse to acknowledge that the word “illegal” means what it means. If they did, they could not ask for what they feel what is owed them. They refuse to acknowledge that our recent ancestors followed the law.
They cannot respect our laws and they are demanding citizenship.

Under the guise of multiculturalism, they claim that we have to recognize them. That we should recognize that our nation’s borders have no meaning, that our laws are racist and bigoted.
They demand citizenship.

They are demanding citizenship?

From me?


Copyright 2006, David “Skip” Murphy