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Steve MacDonald

Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, taxpayer advocate, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Editor at Large and a co-owner of; a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire; and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.


RevCon 2021 and Lindell Dinner – MASSIVE Success!

The 603 Alliance hosted two huge events back to back yesterday. RevCon 2021, geared towards training and directing new activists, lived up to its goals. Hundreds of people arrived in Manchester from NH, and even a few of the surrounding states to get plugged in.

Demorrhoids Everywhere

City Council Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis

Public Health Tyranny was the first real concern we had when the political response ramped up around the Woo-Han-Floo. It became an excuse for emergency orders, random abuses of power, the flu d’ état. A new toy with which tyrants would be loath to part.