Mitch McConnell

Steve Bannon – Donald Trump Got Mitch McConnell His Job

by Steve MacDonald November 12, 2017

Steve Bannon, speaking at the 603 Alliance fundraiser, points out that the only reason Mitch McConnell is still Majority Leader in the US Senate is that Donald Trump dragged at least three Republican Senators to victory in November 2016. (Full audio and video.) Find more audio from on any of these platforms Also Available on Google Play

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Is anyone else tired of politicians and gun-grabbers unwilling to say the obvious?

by Skip June 26, 2016

From the Union Leader: Kuster said Congress must act to expand background checks for gun sales at shows and online, and if a suspected terrorist is considered too dangerous to fly, they should not be able to buy a gun. No, it is NOT that “they should not be able to buy a gun” – […]

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The Party Of Fiscal Discipline, Eh, Kelly?

by Mike November 2, 2015

Into my mailbox this morning popped confirmation of what I’d heard during the weekend – not only can’t the GOP muster a quorum to resist Obama’s spending plans, but Mitch McConnell and his trusted lieutenants like ‘our’ Kelly Ayotte led the charge for piling up debt faster than ever!!

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George Will Tells Angry GOP Base:
“Get Over It !!”

by Mike August 16, 2015

I think this is the George Will “meltdown” Skip refers to in his piece Outsiders Take Over The GOP. George Will, responding to a question from Chris Wallace on whether he would retract his derogatory comments about Trump, and citing the huge number of angry emails received by Wallace, stated that change is intentionally difficult […]

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Ted Cruz’ Epic Rant: The Voters Came Out In Overwhelming Numbers, And Nothing Changed!

by Mike July 26, 2015

Don’t mess with Texas Ted! That warning ought to be tattooed on Mitch Mulch McConnell’s forehead as a warning that the voters are getting tired of delivering Republican majorities which do nothing to rein in big government. Specifically at issue is how our REPUBLICAN majority leader secured votes for the President’s Trade Promotion Authority (‘Fast […]

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Hoeven, Manchin, Reach For 67 On Keystone

by Mike January 13, 2015

BIPARTISANSHIP! “Coal Senator”, Joe Manchin (D, WV) and Oil Patch Senator John Hoeven (R, ND) are co-sponsors of the Keystone Pipeline bill in the senate, and they already have 63 votes lined up to pass it. It also seems as though Mitch McConnell’s collegial approach may pay dividends, at least in this case, by allowing […]

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McConnell Declares War On The TEA Party:
He Says “We Will Crush Them”
I Say “Flame On; We Will Burn You!”

by Mike March 11, 2014

With Everyone from Ted Cruz, to Rand Paul, To Sarah Palin warning the “Old Guard in Washington” that they needed to stand for their principles or risk losing their grassroots, and with top rated pollster Pat Caddell telling them that that they ARE losing their base because they appear to have declared war on it, […]

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GOP Civil War: Let me remind Mitch McConnell of something about “grown-ups”

by Skip November 8, 2013

In a backhanded slice against the TEA Party, MINORITY leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell said: …The victory of a more electable Republican, is significant, Mr. McConnell says. To govern, parties must win. To win, parties must “run candidates that don’t scare the general public, [and] convey the impression that we could actually be responsible […]

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[Updated] Why You Should Contact Senator Mitch McConnell

by Steve MacDonald November 15, 2010

If all they wanted to do is ensure that the federal dollars we send to DC provided some equal value to the state that pays them they would act diligently to ensure that the Federal government did not take more than it needed for its few and limited responsibilities. (No one will ever accuse a New Hampshire Democrat of that.)

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