Free State Project

Silver Circle, the Movie

I believe the very first showing of this extraordinary movie was in the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire. The people who worked on creating it have attended the Free State Project’s Porcupine Freedom Festival every year. Great artists. Even greater political truth-tellers. Hercules movie star and LA truth-teller Kevin Sorbo has worked …

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New Hampshire, and Molon Labe in New York

New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat-dominated state legislature there have passed a law mandating that an estimated one million “assault rifles” must be registered with the police by April 15, 2014. The law was passed in the temporary hysteria…

The magnificent small-government activists of Grafton, New Hampshire

I have written and spoken in the past that because of the Free State Project, “New Hampshire is the luckiest state in the history of the United States.” (State Rep. Cynthia Chase—a statist transplant from statist Rhode Island—recently reinforced that view with her public outburst that “Free Staters are the single biggest threat New Hampshire …

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Rep. Cynthia Chase, please call your therapist.

You’ll need it when you see this great article in Forbes magazine about Freestater real estate agent and NH State Rep. Mark Warden. Heh!   :——)   <—Republican elephant smiley face with a long trunk.