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The magnificent small-government activists of Grafton, New Hampshire

by Tim Condon February 14, 2013

I have written and spoken in the past that because of the Free State Project, “New Hampshire is the luckiest state in the history of the United States.” (State Rep. Cynthia Chase—a statist transplant from statist Rhode Island—recently reinforced that view with her public outburst that “Free Staters are the single biggest threat New Hampshire […]

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John Stossel on the Free State Project

by Tim Condon January 23, 2013

Hubba, hubba! The Free State Project and New Hampshire just got another boost, this time from John Stossel writing at Says he:

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A message for Democrat NH State Rep Cynthia Chase from the Free State Project

by Skip January 21, 2013

Representative Chase? A message from the Free Staters of NH from the 2nd Amendment Rally – to paraphrase Sally Fields “We really like you, we really do!”.  Note to Cynthia – if you REALLY thought that your outburst was going to chase them off, well, they have a sign for you: Heh!

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Rep. Cynthia Chase, please call your therapist.

by Tim Condon January 14, 2013

You’ll need it when you see this great article in Forbes magazine about Freestater real estate agent and NH State Rep. Mark Warden. Heh!   :——)   <—Republican elephant smiley face with a long trunk.

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The Union Leader on Democrat Rep. Cynthia Chase: “Dictatorial impulses.”

by Tim Condon January 13, 2013

They can say that again. Democrat Rep Cynthia Chase told us recently that the “Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today.” Her solution? Pass laws…

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Whatsa matta John DiStaso, don’t like the ‘Grok much?

by Skip January 6, 2013

“As New Hampshirite Steve MacDonald notes, “this sounds like tyranny.” Given that Rush Limbaugh brought up NH Democrat House Rep Cynthia Chase’s name (AND STEVE MAC DONALDS!!) this past Friday, it was expected that the local NH media would be FORCED to also give a few column inches as well.  And DiStaso of the UL […]

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This is what the prejudice and bigotry of a Democrat State Rep. can lead to:

by Tim Condon January 5, 2013

A possible threat to incite violence against an unfavored minority. Here’s the story:   Democrat State Rep. Cynthia Chase of Keene has recently displayed an alarming attitude of bigotry and prejudice against libertarians and conservatives who make up the Free State Project movement. Her comments have gone viral, and are being reported today in the […]

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The Free State Project gonna get your momma!

by Tim Condon December 28, 2012

Good stuff! The outbreak of fear and trembling over the surging Free State Project freedom-fighters also helps expose the bigotry and narrow-mindedness of Statists, including even elected representatives. Best of all, New Hampshire bigotry alerts have gone national, being picked up and prompting a discussion at no less than Instapundit, as follows:

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“Those dangerous Freestaters!”

by Tim Condon December 21, 2012

Here’s an interesting little hit-piece from the online Union Leader about “all those dangerous Freestaters!” And how “they’re messing up traditional values!” As is often the case, the comments after the story are more enlightening than the story itself. You can read the whole article and comments HERE.

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This is just too good….

by Tim Condon November 20, 2012

It’s just one reason I love New Hampshire politics: Anarchist libertarian Democrat Freestater beats “statist” libertarian Republican Freestater in hotly contested New Hampshire election.

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The latest on the Free State Project…

by Tim Condon November 17, 2012

…which is still growing! Despite some silliness from some self-described Freestaters—such as gratuitous law-breaking or fevered talk about “anarchy”—the movement is healthy, continuing, and even maturing. In fact, many people moving into New Hampshire now as part of the Free State Project migration don’t even bother to identify as participants. Thus, the “official” count of […]

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The Foundation for New Hampshire Independence

by Steve MacDonald November 14, 2012

This just tumbled into my in-box and perhaps it is old news now.  It is a press release from a non-profit called the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence.  I don’t currently know much more than we can glean from the press release but they’ve got a web site (here), some press, and it’s run by […]

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Free Stater or Out-of-Stater? Pick one: The New Hampshire Advantage, or the Massachusetts/ New Jersey way….

by Tim Condon October 31, 2012

Take your choice! Here’s a nice little explanatory essay by state Representative (and Free Stater) Andrew Manuse, entitled “We’re All Free Staters Now!”:

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The Free Town of Grafton: “Spread your wings and break away, Lloyd….”

by Tim Condon October 18, 2012

This is a very nice short film about my home town of Grafton, New Hampshire, the southernmost town in the Free State with no zoning. There is no better place to live south of the notches, and no finer people inhabiting any town anywhere. Shot almost entirely at the annual Grafton Apple Festival—largely at the church […]

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View this from the phrase: “The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen”; Democrats gunning for a Limited Government Warrior

by Skip October 12, 2012

It looks that ‘Grok friend, Mark Warden, has been put under the gun sights of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (from Blue Hampshire, emphasis mine), an out of state Democrat organization whose only purpose is to get BIG Govt Democrats elected to State Houses (gee, and I keep hearing that Democrats are forever railing against […]

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The Free State Project and New Hampshire, “the luckiest state in the history of the United States.”

by Tim Condon September 25, 2012

On October 1, 2003 I gave a talk at a press conference in New York city announcing the Free State Project’s choice of New Hampshire. I said at the outset that “New Hampshire is the luckiest state in the history of the United States to be chosen by the Free State Project.” Now, almost nine years […]

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In New Hampshire, socialists and other statists are increasingly worried. Why?

by Tim Condon September 11, 2012

Because the Free State Project migration movement is accelerating: More and more people are moving to Galt’s Gulch…errrr…New Hampshire!

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Lakes Region Porcupines, Free State Project, Liberty, Freedom, and self – responsibility

by Skip July 24, 2012

A while ago, a now former NH State Representative Seth Cohn urged me to come to a meeting at the New Hong Kong restaurant to, as he said, “talk some politics with folks that are involved”.  Little did I know what I’d be getting into – and that was fine!  Many of the folks that […]

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The Free State Project says “Thank you, President Obama!”

by Tim Condon July 18, 2012

Why? Because his policies are driving small businesses to New Hampshire. Why? Because Democrat (and RINO Republican) policies harm business and job-creation. It’s a simple as that. As a result, entrepreneurs and business-owners are considering moving to our state because our policies are increasingly free market oriented (and thus actually work). See for yourself in […]

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Why you need to be ready to move to New Hampshire….

by Tim Condon June 24, 2012

Is America a “welfare state”? No. It’s a “special interest state.”And James DeLong at the American Enterprise Institute has explained why in THIS ARTICLE. What it boils down to is that the permanent political class has gained permanent power in America, governing on behalf of ubiquitous and multifarious special interests, which increasingly exist solely to […]

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RLCNH Chairman Carolyn McKinney on the proposed education funding amendment

by Tim Condon June 5, 2012

Damn. This lady is looking more and more like New Hampshire’s own version of Michelle Malkin. Some Republicans—even some good ones—are supporting CACR-12, the proposed state constitutional amendment which would constitute a state takeover of education and guarantee unending future pressure for ever-more spending and ever-higher taxes. In explaining why we must oppose the harmful […]

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So what did Union Leader’s Ted Seifer wish to accomplish with this line?

by Skip May 22, 2012

Filling a vacancy on any Supreme Court–be it the US Supremes or the NH Supremes–is a big deal, so it is no surprise that people are talking and reporting on it (as we have here, here, and here).  So did the Union Leader;  Ted Seifer interviewed Tim, asking him about the NHLRF‘s position on Gov. […]

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New Hampshire, the Free State Project and the impending economic collapse of America

by Tim Condon April 27, 2012

What do those three things have to do with each other? Well, as Mark Steyn has pointed out HERE—his whole column is well worth reading, by the way; go ahead and read it now—“There’s a famous exchange in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. Someone asks Mike Campbell, ‘How did you go bankrupt?’ ‘Two ways,’ he replies.

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Skip Murphy, the Free State Project, and President Obama. Well damn….

by Tim Condon April 4, 2012

Skip Murphy just asked me this: “Well, it seems that Obama is coming out swinging against the Supremes. Blogosphere is all atwitter about it. Mr. Lawyer, Tim – what’s your take on his baiting the Supremes to declare it unconsitutional?” Dammit. I foolishly rose to the bait. Here’s what I said in response:

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Hmmm…. This is interesting….

by Tim Condon March 15, 2012

Here’s a map of the states that went for Kerry in the 2004 Presidential election (the blue ones), and the ones that went for Bush (the red ones). The map is from an article in The American Spectator   HERE, by William Tucker. In the second paragraph, Tucker quotes a Wall Street Journal article that says […]

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Tenth Amendment Center Goes to Liberty Forum

by Mike March 5, 2012

Last weekend, the Tenth Amendment Center’s Michael Boldin spoke at the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum in Nashua, where he expounded on the theme that if a sufficient number of states, and a large enough number of citizens and businesses ignore an unconstitutional law, it becomes effectively moot. He drew particular attention to California and […]

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Andrew Breitbart, RIP

by Tim Condon March 2, 2012

  He was a very nice guy when I met him. A very regular human being. Not full of himself at all. Very down to earth. He thought the Free State Project was a neat idea too. Although he didn’t know much about the FSP, he had heard about it prior to when I showed […]

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In New Hampshire, you should be taking vitamin D supplements….

by Tim Condon February 20, 2012

Wha’? Well, I should have said “especially” if you’re in the Live Free or Die State, you should be taking extra Vitamin D. Thanks to my old libertarian friend Patrick Cox, I’ve been taking 5,000 IU daily for several years now. He explains exactly why HERE.

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So When Will Democrats Start Calling Me A Free Stater?

by Steve MacDonald January 24, 2012

All Democrats have narratives.  New Hampshire Democrats are no different.  The typical left wing narrative is designed to brain wash you by using the media to repeat the latest chest-beating tantrum, using sound bites, puff pieces, editorials, and press releases, to create a long term perception disguised as truth.  Did I mention that New Hampshire […]

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Where Diane Lacy, President of NH SEA / SEIU can’t even get simple facts right – and tips hand on the upcoming NH election cycle.

by Skip January 22, 2012

On WMUR “Closeup” this morning, replacement host James Pindell interviewed Diane Lacy, President of the NH State Employee Association and NH Rep. Will Infantine (R-Manchester) during his first segment).  Well, during the interview, Ms. Lacy shows that either she has no grasp of real facts or is just what many people believe: that the SEIU […]

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