NH Firearms Safety Coalition presents Massod Ayoob – intro remarks by Tom Brown

Following Ralph Demicco’s opening remarks and the NHFSC’s Suicide Prevention PSA (which I urge those of us in the 2A Community to watch, especially if you are in the position of teaching others to shoot or are retailers), local firearms instructor briefly took to the podium:

Please note: during most of the NHFSC’s presentation and especially during Massod Ayoob’s talk, it was raining.  Raining HARD and it became clear that what seems to be a constant jet engine type of noise in the background, which I first thought was the HVAC system, actually was the torrential rain hitting the steel roof.

It didn’t help that the acoustics were lousy in the first place – if you have ever been in BassPro, there’s another huge, mostly empty (there is an archery range back there!) that rivals the actual store – concrete and hard services so it was “boomy” with respect to the PA systems.  I and Steve Brogan from the Tewksbury, MA Public Access Channel were just shaking our heads as we could hardly hear ourselves in the back of the area where the event was held.

Actual talk by Mr. Ayoob will be in the next post.

by Skip

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