Money Man Behind Marsy’s Law Busted for Possession and Alleged Drug Trafficking

Henry Nicholas III dumped a small fortune into the pockets of lawyers and lobbyists in New Hampshire to hoist his proposed constitutional amendment (CACR22) on the Granite State. Commonly known as Marsy’s Law, it rolled into the state with bipartisan backing and a governor eager to sign it. At least until the activist community peeled back the onion to reveal the rot inside.

A bi-partisan reversal of fortune killed CACR22 by a vote of 284-51. Advocates promised it will be back but will their sugar-daddy be writing checks from prison? Henry Nicholas III was arrested in Las Vegas yesterday in possession of copious amounts of drugs and on suspicion of trafficking.

So much for what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The LA Times Reports that,

Broadcom co-founder and billionaire Henry T. Nicholas III was arrested in Las Vegas on suspicion of narcotics trafficking after police discovered heroin, cocaine, meth and ecstasy in his suite at the Encore hotel, police said Thursday.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police detained Nicholas, 59, and a woman, Ashley Fargo, about 10:40 p.m. Tuesday after hotel security called the police to the room, said Officer Larry Hadfield, a department spokesman. Hadfield said security reported finding contraband in the room.

He’s got a lot of money, so I suspect he’s got lawyers for his lawyers. That means he probably won’t do any hard time. But how hard of a time will the long list of lawyers and lobbyists (and other ne’er-do-wells) in New Hampshire have who already took money from Nichols?

Susan Olsen, writing on Facebook would like to know,

How many of these folks plan to return the money they took from the drug-trafficking and abusing big daddy of Marsy’s Law, Henry Nicholas?

Amanda Grady Sexton +15,000;
Charles Douglas, $12,500;
Jennifer Horn, +$10,500;
Demers, Blaisdell and Prasol, $10,000;
Dennehy and Bouley, $45,000
Elevare Communications, $46,564
Gallagher Callahan and Gartrell, $10,000;
Jodi Grimbilas, $12,500;
Andrew Biemer, $5,000;
Henry Goodwin, $12,857;
Sheehan Phinney Capital Group, $10,000;
Scott Spradling, $7,500

and don’t forget the guys who made the robocalls:
FLC Connect LLC, $49,686.


The adult daughter of Dem Debra Altschiller, Deacon of the Church of Perpetual Victimhood, got some of that good laundered money too…

So, who plans to return the money? I’m gonna go with none for the whole amount, Susan. But I don’t see that as their biggest problem. It’s this:

Whether Henry Nichols (the thurd) survives the criminal charges or not the people lining up at this trough are now faced with a dilemma. How do they plan to explain taking money again – remember, we were told Marsy’s Law would be back — given that the only financier of the law was busted for allegedly trafficking heroin.

New Hampshire has been called many things not the least of which is ground zero in the opioid crisis.

Nicholas was busted with a hotel room full of drugs. Heroin, cocaine, meth, and ecstasy.

Who among the bottom-feeders, even though they were willing to toss due-process and victims privacy rights under the bus, can bring themselves to pony up for “round two” of the PR disaster known as Nichols the alleged heroin dealer pushes “victims rights” legislation at Ground Zero for the opioid crisis?

I confess I am rather excited to find out the answer.