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Maura Sullivan gets dumped by a fellow Marine: “dainty holding an AR-15”


“As a Marine watching that ad, I had to cringe,” retired USMC Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff said on NRA TV Wednesday. “She might as well have said ‘Oooh, it looks scary!’”

Democrat candidate for Congress in NH CD-1 Maura Sullivan is lying by omission, IMHO, by making it sound like she was in the thick of things in Fallujah – in the Infantry and using “US Marines” as a buttress from being confronted on it.   Michael Graham from NH Journal goes on Cam & Co to talk about how this Democrat candidate for Congress (and carpetbagger bringing in YUGE amounts of out of state $$$ in doing so) Maura Sullivan is trying conflate the most popular civilian rifle platform with an actual military firearm – KNOWING the difference between the two is vast. Once again, a gun grabber is campaigning on taking away, we who are law-abiding citizens, our legally purchased firearms.


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Remember, all socialist countries start out by wanting to ban and confiscate citizens’ firearms before going Full Monty authoritarian. Sullivan swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution but with her own words, in her own campaign ad, makes it clear she’d rather rip the Article 2A (I’m betting she doesn’t even know what that is but wants to represent NH????) out and throw it away. She makes it sound like she was in the thick of things in Fallujah, Iraq in the Infantry as she hold up that AR-15; she wasn’t.  From D.O.D.:

Ms. Sullivan is a former U.S. Marine Corps Officer and Iraq War veteran. Ms. Sullivan has years of general management and strategic communications experience as both a Marine Corps logistics/operations officer…Her service in the Marines included a deployment in Fallujah, Iraq in 2005 with Combat Logistics Battalion 8, two years with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing in Okinawa, Japan, and serving as the Deputy Officer-in-Charge of the 2nd Marine Logistics Group Re-organization team.

Supply, not Infantry. Can’t run a war without supplies but it’s not the Tip of the Spear. Thank you for your service – my son also served in Iraq.  But you’re dead wrong and it’s a foul impression you make in conflating the real battles in Fallujah with schools – “Daisy” anyone?  And please inform me where I can just saunter into a gun store and buy such a “weapon of war” – one that has select fire (semi-automatic, burst, or full auto) like an M-16 or M-4?  And how much does that cost? Aw heck, why am I trying to make this look “sane” – let’s get to it: she’s full of crap and I don’t care if she’s on the Democrat Identity Totem Pole or not.  Lying by omission.

She’s using her Marine history as political cover – real prior Marines aren’t buying it;  take it from one that knows:

“She’s an embarrassment,” Duff said of the former Obama administration official, “and I can say that because I am a Marine. When you stand on TV holding a weapon so daintily…ugh!”

Duff was on NRA TV to discuss Sullivan’s pro-gun-control TV ad and the issue of gun rights in Democratic primaries across the U.S. In the ad, Sullivan announces her support for “a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.”

What I see [in the ad] is a person who only supports the Constitution when she’s in uniform, but when it comes off, all that goes away,’ Duff said.  “To me that’s the most dishonest argument any veteran can make. To say what she said, in my opinion, is completely abhorrent.”

(H/T: Inside Sources)