Why Did Socialist Dem Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lie?

Alexandria Ocasio-CortezThe Daily Mail broke a story about Socialist Dem darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s the candidate who beat the long-time Democrat incumbent Joe Crowley who was in line for a shot at a Speaker gig if the Democrats took back the House. Well, Alexandria sold herself as a Jenny from the block sort. The kid from a working-class family growing up on the tough streets of Brooklyn.

Not so much.

She actually “grew up” in a nice town and a nice neighborhood in Westchester County.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t the product of the “worker” her ideology lionizes in pursuit of absolute power for the government but now that the truth is out everyone is taking sides over the “controversy.”

She’s a fraud. It’s a nothingburger. Republicans are afraid of her. She’s the future of the party. Blah blah blah.

I actually don’t care where she lived or grew up. She’s a socialist. Her ideology is disqualifying to me as a conservatarain. And if that’s the future of the Democrat party, Republicans will have to work twice as hard to lose.

Just not in her district. Don’t bother. She is running in a left-wing ideological ghetto Anthony Weiner could win from prison. So, it makes no difference to me whether she’s a product of ruling class or working class.

What matters is she ran as Jenny from the Block, but she grew up in Yorktown Heights. She attended Yorktown High.

While attending Yorktown High School in Westchester, she entered the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair where she won second place for her microbiology project.

MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory named an asteroid after her, 23238 Ocasio-Cortez, as a prize.

A far cry from the sad tale she spins in her political bio.

Her father was an architect and CEO of Ocasio-Roman Architects, PC and after he died from lung cancer in 2008, the family sold the house and moved back to the apartment in the Bronx. Working class Alexandria did working class things but still graduated from Boston University.

But her mother cleaned toilets, we are told. They scraped together a life. Whatever it took to make ends meet. And maybe that’s all true. If so, good for them. #MeToo. But why lie about where she really grew up and leave out important details about your past? Because they might tarnish her socialist democrat street-cred?

No one need be pissed off about any of that except Joe Crowley, who appears to have not known or cared about his opponent until she defeated him. Such a revelation spun by his incumbents war-chest might have saved his tenure, but he had his head so far up the DC bunghole he couldn’t see anything but his own primacy. He deserved to lose just like Eric Cantor did.

As for Cortez, she is almost guaranteed a seat in the US House where we can expect her to play off the mantle of the New Face of the Democrat Party. And that’s fine too as long as we realize that it’s just as two-faced as the old ones.

The only thing refreshing about her is that she admits she’s a socialist. A Bernie Sanders socialist.

Everything else about her is “you didn’t build that,” “what’s yours is mine,” ruling class business as ususal self-entitlement.

The government knows best, Government can fix it. She does know better. And you can expect her to continue her congressional career the way she ran her primary race.

Will she fit right in? Will they let her? She does, after all, represent the civil war within the Democrat Party that blew up when the DNC screwed Bernie for Hillary.

The party that created the new campus radicals has to come to terms with their open embrace of socialism, which is why the idea that Republicans might be afraid of Cortez is such a joke. She’s a gift to the GOP. Most of America lives outside the liberal bubbles along the coasts, in media, entertainment or among the education establishment. What they think is normal to everyone they know is abhorrent to the majority of voters.

The old two-faced Democrats know that. But thanks to decades of their own handy work re-engineering the culture they can’t do much of anything to stop their ideological offspring from potentially plowing them under. There aren’t enough young-socialists to keep them from getting wiped out. Not yet.

So Cortez isn’t their savior she’s an albatross.


H/T The Daily Wire