Sununu Signs HB1264 – Clarifying Residence and Domicile for Voting Purposes.

Not sure if voting illegallyEd Nail has been all over this, naturally but I just finished reading the decision so while you should read all of Ed’s remarks I want to try to use the court’s judgment to clarify what just happened when Governor Sununu signed HB1264 into law.

An excerpt from the State Supreme Court’s decision will help us along here.

HB1264 Ruling capture1

HB1264 Ruling capture2

Sorry about the screen grabs but I have not had time to convert the PDF to text.

HB1264 amends state statute to remove the special provision for non-resident voters so that all voting citizens be treated the same way. Here’s the conclusion to the majority opinion to help you understand that.

HB1264 Ruling capture3

HB1264 Ruling capture4

Look, it’s a choice argument?

Behave like every other citizen of New Hampshire and you can vote here.

If you “behave” like you live in another state, then you can vote there. It’s not a burden. It’s not a poll tax. And it is in the state’s interest to ensure that the people who vote demonstrate a commitment to the state of New Hampshire. In failing to do so the state has every right to refuse them access to our ballot box to protect the interests of the true citizens of New Hampshire.


Plenty more on this to come.