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Sullivan County Democrat Commissioner “Accidentally” Running for Re-Election as a Republican

Sullivan County CommissionersThis September Republican Primary voters in Sullivan County have to choose between an actual Republican (Jeremy Herrell) and a Democrat (Jeffrey Barrette) who is “accidentally” registered as a Republican in their primary. I kid you not.

Barrette who appears on the Sullivan County Commissioners Page as a “Democrat” (pictured far left) is a Democrat but he says he changed his affiliation to ‘undeclared’ before the 2016 Presidential primary and just forgot to change it back.


From The Valley News.

In a phone interview on Monday, Barrette explained that appearing on the Republican ballot is the result of what happened when he voted in the February 2016 presidential primary.

Barrette said he changed his party affiliation as “undeclared” so he could vote as a Republican in the primary. He declined to say who he voted for. … But he was not aware he had to then “re-declare” as a Democrat as he left the polls. Consequently, when he tried to file for re-election as a county commissioner as a Democrat, he was told that was not possible as he was listed as Republican. The last day to change party affiliation was June 5.

“I made a mistake,” Barrette said. “But I did learn something.”

Republican voters in Sullivan County need to learn something or they could make a mistake. There is no Democrat challenger in the general election. Whoever wins the “Republican” primary will win the office.

And while Democrats run as Republicans all the time in New Hampshire this is one of those rare occasions where the Democrat admits he’s not a Republican while still running for office as one.

So yes, Republicans could deliberately seat a Democrat official from a Republican primary.

Think about the press on that!

Then consider this. Democrats can’t vote for Barrette in the primary. Only Republicans and undeclared voters can do that.

So remember to vote for Jeremy Herrell the only Republican on the Republican primary ballot for Sullivan County Commissioner.

Remember: Republicans bring Republican friends to the polls to vote in every Local, primary, and the general election.

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