Grok Poll – Will You Vote for Gov. Sununu After He Advanced The Radical Democrat Agenda?

polling, pencil, checkboxIt’s sad to say but New Hampshire’s ‘Republican’ Governor, Chris Sununu just signed two bills that should be challenged in court. One is a gag order that violates free speech and rights of conscience. The other deprives women of privacy in sex-specific spaces (not to mention a host of other issues). All to appease a sliver of the population that will never vote for him anyway.

In exchange, he lost a majority of the conservative base and more than a few independents, invited an unnecessary primary challenge, and has given away whatever benefit he had from otherwise solid favorability numbers. On a positive note maybe he takes some of those RINO’s legislators with him.

Anyway, the title says GrokPoll and so we shall have one.


[yop_poll id=”1″]

Update: Poll Closes Sunday Night at 11 pm. Results Posted Here.