UNH Professor Gloats About Disrupting Conservative Speaker

J Ruby Ryan - Dave RubinFrom Campus Reform,

A disruptive heckler who was filmed harassing Dave Rubin during a speech at the University of Hampshire on May 1 turns out to be a Senior Lecturer in Women’s Studies at UNH.

Rubin, a well-known gay, Democrat online talk show host, has recently gained popularity among young conservatives for his willingness to provide a platform to conservative personalities such as Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and transgender conservative commentator Blaire White. His May 1 UNH speech largely focused on civil discourse, free speech, and tolerance of ideas.

According to Campus Reform, UNH Women’s Studies Professor Dr. Joelle Ruby Ryan has been identified as one of the primary opponents to free speech.

I’ve heard the name but I’m not familiar Dave Rubin, or if he’s “Conservative,” but I do know that he tried to express an opinion and Ryan decided that she is not just the arbiter of what words or ideas you can and cannot hear but that she gets to decide what discourse is civil.

I find this all very amusing given that UNH insists it is both an advocate and defender of Free Speech. F.I.R.E. even gave UNH a Greenlight recently for reforms to the University Systems documented approach to free speech and the right of everyone on campus to express opinions with which others might not agree. I took issue with that.

To borrow from Andrew Breitbart, Free Speech is downstream from campus culture. The University takes money from students and sells some of them “an education” that makes them intolerant.

Free Speech can’t even breathe in that environment let alone exercise. The risk the policy presents has already silenced speech, which is the point.

When the UNH Bias-Free Langauge Guide controversy broke, and UNH disappeared it, they said a lot of the right things afterward but left the entire Social Justice Curriculum that spawned it in place. I pointed out that the goal of free speech on campus cannot be realized until the University addressed the source of the intolerance.

That intolerance seeps from the pores of the Joelle Ruby Ryan’s of the world who (with their salaries and curriculum backstopped by taxpayers) program students to be intolerant of the opinions of others. Not to just listen and then when given the opportunity explain their opposition. Argue their case. They are to disrupt and prevent expressions they oppose.

We can also add this as more proof that the progressive left has no interest at all in protecting the interests of the various tribes into which they herd people. Being gay does not afford Dave Ruben the right to an unapproved expression outside the liturgy of the left. It’s not bigoted gay-bashing for a UNH Women’s Studies Professor to try and shout down a gay man.

So, thank you, Professor Ryan, for proving my point. I’m sure you didn’t do it for me. You can’t help yourself. Which is precisely the problem with the intolerant left.

It is why UNH can never be the advocate of Free Speech it claims to want to be if it does not act to prevent the sort of behavior that Joelle Ruby Ryan not only practices but glorifies.

If the University Administration does not disincentivize this behavior, they will only get more of it.

According to Campus Reform, the University has not yet responded to their query about whether Ryan will be subject to disciplinary action.

Here’s some video from the event c/o Campus Reform.