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Too Bad Frank Edelblut Won’t Run For Governor This Year

Election-Voting-ReutersIn 2016 Mr. Sununu barely survived a primary win against Frank Edelblut. Gov. Sununu offered a job as the state commissioner of Education to Frank, and he may be the best one we’ve had in decades. So we can give Chris credit for listening when someone tells him what might be a smart move for him politically.

That’s important because Frank doesn’t strike me as the sort of guy who would undercut his “boss” in that circumstance so I don’t see him accepting any offer or encouragement to primary Governor Sununu in 2018. But if Chris Sununu signs HB1319, Frank would win easily.

There’s a message in that reality. Here’s another one.

Mr. Edelblut would bring out support up and down the ticket, He would energize the base.

He can help save the Republicans from the rumored shellacking they may take this November after a long list of ideological sins – at the state and federal level – that have incrementally turned off their core voters and the Trump voters essential for winning another election season.

Don’t marvel at the undoing of past Democrat administrations until you see what the Democrats do come January 2019.

Kiss the good stuff goodbye and say hello to a lot more bad stuff.

There is very little room for error already. And neither the GOPe nor the NHGOPe can help find votes in primaries or general elections if you piss off your base. We’re not Democrats. We will make you pay a political price especially if you keep trying to appease ruling class progressives from both sides.

Mr. Sununu needs to consider what happens to New Hampshire if he signs HB1319 because he won’t be the only Republican who suffers.


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