Stormy's Publicity Hound Lawyer Might Be A Tax Cheat. - Granite Grok

Stormy’s Publicity Hound Lawyer Might Be A Tax Cheat.

Michael AvenattiFrom March 7th to May 15th another attention whore, (Stormy Daniel’s lawyer) Michael Avenatti appeared on television 147 times, most of those on CNN. All that ‘attention’ was supposed to hurt Mr. Trump, but something else has happened. Something worse than the defamation case stupidity I pointed out here.

Avenatti is accused of collecting payroll taxes for business concerns that never went to the IRS. He’s also, reportedly, given up filing tax returns altogether.

Avenatti denies complicity with the tax issues tied to business interests he insists he’s no longer involved with but there are signs that this is not his first troubling association.

Barnes also claims his law firm hasn’t been paying taxes either.

And Avenatti is now under investigation by the California Bar Association.

He is also tied to the illegal leaking of private bank records to the press as part of his whirlwind media tour which is grinding to an “unexplainable” halt.

If Avennati does have all this baggage it won’t be tipping over on the media. CNN and company got what they wanted from that relationship. Two months of Trump Bashing™.

And if Aenatti does go up in flames they’ll be happy to pimp it for ratings without ever mentioning their part in the play or what they got out of it.