It's called the "White Coat" syndrome - Granite Grok

It’s called the “White Coat” syndrome

blood pressure cuffHere’s why you need to start asking your doctor to check your blood pressure twice. “Patients who had their blood pressure (BP) checked a second time at their primary care doctor’s office often have a lower number, according to a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association this week. The truest blood pressure reading is taken after sitting quietly for at least five minutes, and that rarely happens in a doctor’s office. Usually, a blood pressure reading is the first thing done, along with a heart rate reading.”

I suffer from this this – I’ve been on high-pressure meds for years now thanks to genetics.  Doc almost put me in the hospital during one visit.  Now, after dropping 60 pounds, I’m almost good to go without out; doc says another 5 lbs and I may be able to get off them entirely.  My goal is 10 lbs more than that. However, I know this syndrome exists – it is now a standing joke between the two of us even if the first one is within normal range, he takes it again. Almost always, it’s lower.

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