Breaking: Steve has had a heart attack

Steve Mac DonaldYes, our Steve Mac Donald.  He’s OK (according to him)- two blocked arteries but stents were in place within an hour of getting to the hospital.  Yep, he’s in ICU – emailing the rest of us (“phone still got battery”). Yeah, really – TMEW looked at me in shock when I told her. “In ICU and he’s EMAILING?????”.  Ayup. Sheesh, these connected digerati types! I told him:

“Yeah, now the STAFF is going to be looking at you and going…..BLOGGING? The man’s either mightily disturbed or obsessed.

Oh wait!”

When we know more, we’ll let you know.  No visitors for right now but consider this an open thread…prayers are greatly appreciated for him and his family.

by Skip

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