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Tyranny returns to the Windham School Board

By Tony Massahos

…we need re-elect Tom Murray to the Windham School Board.

The recent decision by the Windham School Board to ignore their Policy BGB and bypass the proper process to accept public input before passing Transgender Locker Room Policy JBAB reminds me of the arrogance by the Windham School Board prior to when Mr. Tom Murray was elected.

Making such a serious decision that VIOLATES PARENTAL RIGHTS and injects ANTI-CHRISTIAN RADICAL LIBERAL IDEOLOGIES into our school system to INDOCTRINATE OUR CHILDREN, speaks volumes regarding the TYRANNICAL POWER THAT IS BEING EXERTED BY OUR SCHOOL BOARD onto our precious and impressionable children.

Shame on Dennis Senibaldi, Keleigh McAllister, Rob Breton and Daniel Popovici-Muller for violating the Constitutional Rights of parents and their children they swore to uphold.

Shame on you for imposing your twisted values that undermine the very fundamental values of God and family.

Shame on you for your blatant attempts to social engineer our children based on your warped value system.

Shame on you and your elitist friends for weaponizing this issue in an attempt to demonize, silence and pressure parents into submission.

I never imagined it could be worse than three years ago when the Windham School Board Chairman called the police on a concerned parent.

Where’s the Windham Link For Education on this important issue? Crickets. They’re silently cheering on the School Board, as they further inject their radical ideologies into our school system.

Tyranny has returned to Windham that’s why we need re-elect Tom Murray to the Windham School Board.