Response to hate mongering Jennifer Abbott extolling the Southern Policy Law Center


SPLC haters

What is ridiculous is her illogical assertion; one could figuratively see the spittle coming from her lips; h Her letter is after the jump.  My response (emphasis now added):

To the Editor,

This is in response to Jennifer Abbott’s jeremiad extolling the wonders of the Southern Poverty Law Center. True, it was invaluable during the Civil Rights era, it has degenerated into a hate mongering entity that accuse others as being such. Why do I say that?

Anything or anyone that is against the the Progressive (or as she says “enlightened”) morality it holds are labeled as hate groups or hate filled people without exception.

The vitriol by the SPLC, for instance, against the Family Research Center was unbelievable simply because as a Christian organization it espouses a traditional form of marriage between a man and a woman. The SPLC labeled it, simply because of their Christian and traditional marriage stance, as a “hate” group. It was so bad that it literally triggered Floyd Lee Corkins to go to the FRC headquarters with a gun to kill as many people as he could over ideological reasons promulgated by the SPLC. That wasn’t SPLC generated hatred personified, Ms. Abbot? Let’s add in their latest insult against NH State Rep Dan Itse whose crime is that he is based on the Constitutions (US and NH). I guess both are now “hate” documents.

Ms. Abbott makes it clear that she wants everyone to join her sainted SPLC. Why would I, as a Christian, want to join such a group (the saying of Groucho Marx on such a “club” circling my head) that already hates me? Is that what you see to, Ms. Abbott, that anyone who doesn’t believe as you do should be labeled as a “hater” simply because of a disagreement like this? I believe in traditional marriage – why does that make me a “hater”? Or more important, that you believe I am anti-LGBT? Should I also be hated simply because I believe in an enumerated Right even though I am a law abiding citizen who understands the responsibility that goes along with that Right? Or do you absolutely believe that all gun owners are guilty of the crimes of a few? Why do you pronounce us guilty already? Why do you pronounce us guilty simply because you believe we are all white supremacists simply because of the color of our skin (or to be more technically correct, the lack of melanin in our tissues)?

Such a level of discourse you espouse. It is clear from your Letter that anyone that is not on your side, even those that only wish to be left alone and not wishing to choose a side, are to be hated. I appreciate you making that distinction clear to the rest of us; it is akin to what Mussolini held about how people should view “The State”. So much for the Freedom of Conscience, eh – we are allowed only your’s? It seems than anyone that disagrees with you is a “hater” and you’ve no problem in labeling and Otherizing millions of people that simply think differently than you. Isn’t that hatred personified?

Your letter shows you in a bad light in that it seems you believe that those of us who carry arms hate children. What a way to go through life! Only extreme ideologues put up such a strawman argument as “…assault rifle is more important than a child’s life”; I dismiss that construction out of hand as it sets up an “one or the other” situation that doesn’t exist; Did it ever occur to you that we law abiding citizens carry BECAUSE we would protect a child in a such a situation?

And you as well?



Her LtE:


To The Daily Sun,

First of all, I am encouraged by all of the students, teachers, and parents, who have taken a stand against GUN VIOLENCE. To them: You are brave and courageous! I commend your action to take 17 minutes of silence to show the nation that something has to change — regardless of school authorization or not.

Secondly, in Friday’s paper (March 16), a resident of Tilton wrote an outrageous, trigger-intended rant about “Schools would be better off separated by race and gender.” My advice is that this person is just one drop in the ignorant bucket of fear and hate mongering that prevails in New Hampshire. Donald Dump, the alt-right mouthpiece, is just another reason for these people to crawl out of their holes and squawk about their racist views; don’t listen to them. For all of you who think you are better because of you’re white, I feel sorry for you; you are consumed with prejudice and terror — this was taught and learned — but don’t worry, you can pull yourself out of that stench. Ignore the bigotry and conservative drivel from those unwilling to be enlightened.

I am an active member of the The Southern Poverty Law Center. It tracks hate groups through their organization. Since Columbine, 7,000 lives have been taken due to GUN VIOLENCE. INSANITY. Currently, there are 892 active hate groups in the United States and there are chapters in N.H. — KU KLUX KLAN, white nationalist, anti LGBT, and NEO NAZIS. Yes, your neighbor is a practicing racist,

Fighting hate should be number one on your list of “things to do.” Become a member of the SPLC, receive informative, factual, statistical, information (not Fox Fake News and the racist views in The Laconia Daily Sun) to understand what is going on around you. White supremacy is alive and well in this — and unless you get involved, it will trickle down to the next vulnerable generation. Like our resident in Tilton, these people are angry and energized by the election of Donald Dumpfh. They are emboldened by this presidency and will communicate anonymously through the web and spew hate and bigotry through media, friends, family, and yeah, let’s give them an AK assault rifle, so they can pull a Dylan Roof. Insanity is the only word that can describe our current situation. Radicalized online, on campus, and even through this very newspaper, they will try to feed on the fears of your insecurities.

But wait, there is hope, there is YOU! Do not give these racist, womanizing, fear ridden individuals a platform. Printing their racist rants only empowers them and brings attention to their twisted ideals. Here is a list of things you can do to start wiping out the hate and extremism in your town:

1. ACT — do something, APATHY is acceptance.

2. Unite, organize, and create a diverse coalition against intolerance.

3. Support victims of abuse; let them know you are there to support them.

4. Join the SPLC, and other organizations that track hate.

5. Create an an alternative — do not attend a hate rally, hold a UNITY Rally instead.

6. MOST IMPORTANT — SPEAK UP! Take hate by the horns, and expose it — denounce it!

7. Lobby political leaders (Sen. Maggie Hassan 202-224-3324, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 202-224-2841 , Annie Kuster 202-225-5206, Carol Shea Porter 202-225-5456) VOTE OUT THE HATE!

Note those that are enumerated – I guess no Democrat is a hater, not even Obama when he said to bring a gun to a knife fight (Why he’d go to a knife fight is another question).

If we continue to look the other way (apathy) we accept and allow. Racism and mysoginy [sic] will continue to fester in N.H. — break the chain. Together, we can heal New Hampshire and the misguided people who feel marginalized, filling themselves with hate towards others who are unlike themselves — scapegoats. Classic examples include immigrants and Muslims.

The NRA is a fear mongering and corrupt organization. It preys on the public, encouraging them to BUY GUNS as a solution. The NRA goes unchallenged, with deep pockets; it pits you against the government —rationalizing that with a gun, you can feel safer. I ask you, will a gun protect you from extremist views, the internet, propaganda and bullying? Nobody wants to take your damn gun, but we do want protective legislation: 1. Stricter background checks, 2. A ban on assault rifles; these weapons were designed for the military. Why on earth do you, as a private citizen, need to own one? Are you planning to take on the police, military, or your neighbor with your secret militia? Ridiculous. An assault rifle, an AK, is more important than a child’s life, a teacher’s life, a parishioner’s life, a movie-goer’s life? You are morally corrupt to place such importance on a weapon — brainwashed by the NRA. Sad and scary. You, the AK enthusiast, should be placed on a watchlist.

Millennials, parents and teachers will be marching this weekend. A voice for common-sense gun legislation. I applaud you, you will BE the change this town, this nation, this world needs. Keep it up, you are heroes!

Jennifer Abbott