GrokTV – NH State Senator Andy Sanborn running for US Congress

A number of Liberty minded folks, the Lakes Region Porcupines (you know, those folks that give Democrats “the vapors” and make spittle fleck from their mouths) have a monthly meeting to which I should go more often.  Anyways, this past Saturday I went to eat some Chinese food and yak with the different political activists that advocate for smaller government and enhanced Liberty for Individuals (which further drives Progressives into paroxysms of Statism) and in walked Andy and Laurie Sanborn.  The following video was shot when he stood up and given his stump speech (which I wasn’t clued into before hand that he was even going to speak – apologies for missing the front end of it…

…and missing a bit in the middle (I accidently hit the off button when changing hands with my cell phone).  His website is here as he is running for US Congress in NH’s First Congressional District.

Full Disclosure: GraniteGrok has endorsed Andy and Laurie in past elections.