GrokTALK! Episodes Updated

GrokTALK! 300 x 250Spreaker made some changes during our hiatus that I have just discovered. I thought I was embedding each episode but I was actually embedding the player, which updates to the latest episode.

If you listen on Stitcher, Spreaker, iTunes, TuneIn, iHeart, GooglePlay or the Grok Podcast page, you won’t have noticed any difference. But until today, all the players on all the episodes on the blog side were wrong.

I just fixed that. I’m also linking to all of them here in case you wanted to listen and missed out because I screwed up the embedding.

Below is a complete catalog of links to each episode (2/5/18 to present) on its original post-page with the correct player embedded.  Please make time to check them out, or you can listen to the weekend compilations, some of which include extra audio not included in the original interviews.

2-05-2018 Podcasting on GraniteGrok is Back
2-06-2018 Kimberly Morin on Jeff Woodburn, Bumpstocks, and Gender Identity
2-07-2018 Looking for Election Integrity in All the Wrong Places…
2-08-2018 Gun Rights at Risk?
2-09-2018 Major Loophole Allows NH Schools to Ignore Their Budget Committees
2-10-2018 The Interviews – Week Ending 2-10-2018 

2-12-2018 Ellen Kolb on Conscience Rights, Coerced abortion, …
2-13-2018 How About a Shiny New Income Tax?
2-14-2018 Cleaning up Firearms Language in State Statute
2-15-2018 A Deeper Look Into the Troubling Family Medical Leave Insurance
2-16-2018 New Hampshire’s New Minister of Happy Meals
2-17-2018 The Interviews – Week Ending 2-17-2018

2-19-2018 A Nunes, Mueller, Flynn, Manafort, Steele, Russian Round-Up
2-20-2018 Knock Knock, Who’s Th….. Gun Control!
2-21-2018 Old Municipal Corruption In New Boston New Hampshire
2-21-2018 Phil Kerpen – Tax Reform is a triple victory for the American people
2-22-2018 The Obama Portraits And Media..Love Affair With Little Miss Kim
2-23-2018 Trans-Windham School Board Gets a 91A Right To Know Request
2-24-2018 The Interviews Week ending 2-24-2018

2-26-2018 Victoria Sullivan – Kids, Culture, and Violence
2-27-2018 The Trans-Bill is Back and There’s Gonna Be Trouble…
2-28-2018 Coward County Florida
3-01-2018 A Connecticut Voter in Ed Naile’s New Hampshire ‘Court’
3-02-2018 “Dominating the Political Bandwidth in New Hampshire.”
3-03-2018 The Interviews, Week Ending 3-3-2018

3-05-2018 From Obama and Holder to Trayvon Martin and Nickolas Cruz
3-06-2018 New Hampshire Democrats Doth Protest Too Much


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