Major Loophole Allows NH Schools to Ignore Their Budget Committees

by Steve MacDonald

GrokTALK! 300 x 250Skip Murphy joins me to discuss how a major loophole allows schools to ignore budget committee cuts to their spending.

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  • Bryan W

    I don’t understand. We’ve always interpreted each line item as a purpose, and if the line item (purpose) is zeroed, they CANNOT move money into it. If it’s $1.00 or more, they can. Did I understand you correctly that the law allows them to transfer to a zeroed line item?

    • granitegrok

      Me too – for two terms! This year, I found out that the zeroing out must happen at the MS form level – from someone at DRA that reads GraniteGrok.

  • mrwonderful


    • granitegrok

      What’s wrong and why (no “Halliburton!”-ing allowed). Using RSA 32 and RSA 40, tell me where I’m wrong.

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