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Granite State Progress: Leave Kids Helpless and Unprotected

GSP turning kids in to target practiceNationally funded Progress Now’s local left-wing affiliate, Granite State Progress, is promoting an event on Facebook called ‘Keep Guns Out Of Schools.’ No, they don’t mean “keep criminals with guns” out of schools. In fact, they are advocating for precisely the opposite. They are rallying support for a floor amendment to SB 357 that would allow local school boards to advertise to criminals that their schools as soft-targets.

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Amendment to SB357

Allow school boards to prohibit the possession of firearms in a safe school zone.

That’ll stop who? Not criminals.

But under no circumstances shall a trained teacher, staff, or administrator be permitted to conceal-carry a firearm in defense of the children.

With this amendment under no circumstance shall there (coincidentally) be a law-abiding citizen with a pistol revolver license on the premises during an active shooter scenario. The progressives don’t want that.

The School Board will vote, and everyone will know. This school is a gun free zone. Criminal wackjobs looking to turn our kids into target practice will know where to go.


What About Progress.

How long do we have to keep doing the same damn thing and expect different results? Well, it’s not even about that.

The Clinton Assault weapons ban failed to prevent school shootings or any shootings, but it wasn’t imposed for that purpose. The idea was to ban some guns in the hope that they’d one day be able to ban more of them.

The Gun-Free school zone act turned children into wildly popular soft-targets for deranged criminals because it never really had anything to do with protecting kids. In fact, not one gun-law liberals favor is intended to stop violence with any weapon ever. They are meant to take away your right self-defense.

Civilian disarmament is a pillar of progressivism. The goal is force superiority for the State regardless of the risks to you, your family, or your children. As a consolation prize, they promise that the State will protect you. But they are not required to do that, can’t, or won’t.

The Parkland shooting was epic and tragic both in the scope of lives lost and the utter and complete incompetence of the people we are told will protect us.

But so what.

Democrat Party Leaders see their failure as more reason to ban or prohibit firearms because it’s not about anything other than their systematic effort to ensure that only the government class can defend itself from armed criminals.

It is one of their biggest, if not the biggest priority.

Look no further than New Hampshire’s Democrat leaders for evidence of this. The past two times they’ve won a majority in the NH House their first act of business is to disarm the legislature. No guns on campus kiddies. This is always followed by bills to disarm you in banks, state offices, schools, town offices, anywhere and everywhere they think they can get a gun free zone.

I’m not saying they always succeed, but they will always try.

Expand the restrictions, make guns harder to own until only the elites can afford them or have them. And even they are suspect if they are not progressive enough.

And they don’t just want you disarmed they want you to get you used to it. If Progressives make it more difficult for you to carry a firearm outside the home (until you can’t carry anywhere), future generations will never even think to try.

One big gun-free zone.

ProgressNow’s mission, remember them, is to blindly promote and defend that far-left agenda and GraniteState Progress is their New Hampshire franchise, committed to the plan regardless of the cost. An elitest movement that disproportionately endangers women, children, low-income people, and minorities.

If that doesn’t move you, remember that gun laws and gun bans do not stop criminals and that ninety-eight percent of mass shooting occur in gun-free zones.

But Democrats like State Sen. Hennessey and groups like GraniteState Progress would rather your kids were among the 98% instead of the 2% and while they won’t be handing out kid-sized t-shirts with bulls-eyes on them letting towns turn New Hampshire schools into advertised gun-free zones is the same thing.

And once the killing starts in a gun-free zone, and it will be in a gun-free zone, it doesn’t stop until the good guys with guns show up, however long that may take.

But if law-abiding concealed-carry citizens are already there, 98 times out of 100 the shooting never starts. No one even tries. And if they do, it ends quickly with significantly less loss of life.

If this was really about kids or public safety, they’d be looking for the fastest possible way to train and arm willing staff, teachers, or admininstrators. We’d be finding ways to harden soft-targets. Protect the children. Instead, progressives do the opposite.

Any one who is geniuinly suprised by that isn’t paying enough attention.