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Data Point – NH unemployment rate

Reformatted, emphasis mine:

The state’s unemployment rate in January stood at 2.6 percent, unchanged from December. That was lower than a year earlier, when the rate was 2.8 percent. There were 727,310 employed residents last month, an increase of 60 from December and 1,770 more than in January 2017, New Hampshire Employment Security reported Tuesday.

There were 19,370 unemployed residents in January, down by 60 over December and 1,410 fewer than in January 2017. From December to last month, the total labor force was unchanged at 746,680. The total labor force increased by 360 people between January 2017 and last month.

New Hampshire’s unemployment rate was the third lowest in the nation for 2017, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hawaii had the lowest, at 2.4 percent, followed by North Dakota, at 2.6 percent, and New Hampshire, at 2.7 percent.

Just wish they had a historical chart to go with the above.  (H/T: UL)