Uh-oh, this is going to make the Treehuggers beserk!

by Skip

Ford ExpeditionAnti-car-ness is a constant theme over at Treehugger – rack’em and stack’em in a walkable city environment is their Utopia.  Need to move around? Walk, ride a bike, or public transportation – those are their only options for you.  I will also tell you that dissenting from that line will bring a host of comments to any that you leave – like many college campuses, there is an overriding sense of “YOU don’t need that!” lack of Freedom.

Heh!  Wait until they get THIS news (reformatted, emphasis mine):

MAGA: Ford Motors Boosts Production of Large SUVs as Demand Explodes

The big three car manufacturer said it will invest another $25 million in factory improvements to facilitate a 25 percent increase in production of the SUV models, according to the Detroit Free Press. Ford reports that car dealers across the country have been having trouble keeping the SUVs in stock as they roll off lots within days after being delivered. The carmaker remarked that customers are intensely interested in high-end SUVs in this, the era of Trump.

Yet, the Treehuggers are all agog over how the sales of electric cars are doing – you know, a miniscule number.  It’s like fusion power to them – the breakthrough has been in the process of decades and it HAS to be just around the corner, right? Wait, it gets worse – not only BIGGER but customers are choosing the really expensive ones!

Nearly 85 percent of all Navigator buyers chose high-end Black Label and Reserve models in January 2018, which drove up the transaction price $21,000 from a year ago to $77,400. Sales are driven primarily by Texans, Floridians and Californians,” The Free Press reported. “They’re trading in competitor vehicles — known in the industry as a ‘conquest’ — at a rate of 40%.” The more expensive Platinum Expedition model made up 29 percent of sales, Ford said. SUV sales have become a growing part of the company’s sales. Indeed, many customers are trading in luxury vehicles like Mercedes, Lexus, and Land Rovers to secure one of Ford’s high-end SUVs.

And this is going to give Lloyd Alter a coronary infarction:

…With winter hitting the Midwest and east heavy this year, Hinrichs also touted the Ford SUVs for seasonal transportation. “The Navigator is so big, so heavy,” he said. “Aces in the snow.”

Heh! Lloyd wants to outlaw even mere pickups!

(H/T: Big Government)

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  • Jim Johnson

    U.N. Agenda 21 at work. Fortunately, a few of the climate change extremists most visible spokespersons Al “Alphonse” Gore, Bill Nye “the science guy” and Robert Kennedy Jr. agree that climate change deniers need to be punished. Release all illegal aliens from our prisons and throw climate change deniers in the hoosegow. Liberal elites are panicked, for good reason in the 1970s scientific consensus (even though many scientists disagreed) the earth’s temperature was drastically dropping and a catastrophic glacial event imminent. Turns out the “earth just had a cold” (pun intended). Then global warming and the “earth has a fever” Al Gore “An Inconvenient Truth”. “The people of the world will fully come to accept climate change as real, according to Bill Nye—just as soon as the deniers are no longer of this Earth.” Isn’t that what Hitler tried to do to the Jews? Pray abortion is not changed to include deniers.
    “The scientist and renowned” ‘children’s’ “television host.” Nye is not a “scientist” henceforth his new designation is Bill “the non-science guy” Nye, he does hold a degree in mechanical engineering. Nye reveals the extremists hope “… real support for the issue is unlikely to happen just yet, due to fear and a knowledge gap between generations”. Read “indoctrination gap” between generations. Fear of imprisonment or other penalties to coerce acceptance of human’s role in climate change??? We were told human activity caused the acceleration of global cooling & global warming and the cataclysmic consequences predicted never materialized. Now, 50 years later hesitation in accepting human induced climate change is met with threats, ridicule and violation of free speech.

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