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Is Jeanne Shaheen Really Bothered by Foreigners Involved in Our Elections?

australian flagSuddenly, we are supposed to be concerned about Russian computer trolls and Russian dirty tricksters exhibiting a fake Hillary in a fake cage dressed like a prisoner, which are actions we are supposed to believe swayed an entire election, let alone a single vote.

Some 13 comrades with the million-dollar skills to write articles about candidates and post them on a computer site are the best our Special Trump Prosecutor could come up with in a year’s worth of investigation by Harvard Law grads?

Wouldn’t it normally be a crime to think Americans were this stupid? There must be a law somewhere a with which a grand jury could indict Mr. Mueller.

Now the New Hampshire connection.

Project Veritas caught four Australians campaigning here in NH during the National NH Presidential Primary. They were being paid by the Aussie Labour Party to work for Bernie Sanders – against Hillary.

No one is outraged by that in the least. In NH we let people from all over the world campaign and vote here. But for some reason, with video and names in hand, NH’s all liberal female delegation has taken no action? Come on. Hillary could not have lost that election without these Australians help. Have our liberal Democrats lost their interest in election hacking?

I guess Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer haven’t given them the go-ahead.

Keep track of Jeanne Shaheen and see if she is bothered by foreigners involved in our elections. Shaheen is stomping through NH right now rounding up out-of-state voters for the November General Election.

James O’Keefe gave Maggie Hassen the video with the dirty down under Sanders campaigners. Maybe she can give it to Robert Mueller.

Then he would have something – like evidence. And we might even have an extradition agreement with Australia!