Republican Majority Congress is Preparing to "Enhance" Background Checks - Granite Grok

Republican Majority Congress is Preparing to “Enhance” Background Checks

NICSDaniel Horowitz is ringing an alarm bell with the help or Republican Rep. Thomas Massie.

When Congress passed national reciprocity, it also passed Fix NICS legislation. At the time Rep. Massie warned that in the US Senate, as soon as there was another shooting, Senate Republicans would drop reciprocity and bring Fix NICS to the floor. When it got back to the House, Leadership would say, you passed this before…and that’s what they are doing.

A few Senators have stepped up to slow the cramming of this attack on your right to self-defense down our throats, but we only have a few days.

In this brief podcast, under forty-minutes, Daniel Horowitz and Rep. Massie explain the subterfuge and the effort to make NICS worse, and why–as most of our readers will already know–it won’t nor would it have changed any shootings in the past nor any in the future.

It’s just another infringement on the natural right to self-defense. All presumably to pander to the perception that it will help Republicans with a sympathetic electorate in the 2018 Elections when all it will do is cost them votes and seats.

Please take time to listen to this, then start writing and calling members of Congress.