The MSM is going after the NRA – I suggest we go after them

Liberal Guide to an AR-15

As Miss Kimberly points out (and KY Gov. Matt Bevins) is that two of the root causes are mental illness and how we handle it, and the change in the culture.  However, the mainstream media has a large role to play in this and John Hawkins summarized why the media is actually ENCOURAGING mass killings at [gun-free zone] schools:

5 Terrible Things the Media Communicates to Every Potential School Shooter

Here is what the media coverage conveys to every potential shooter out there:

  1. You will be famous
  2. The world will come to a stop for you and talk about nothing else for days
  3. A school is the target that will get you the most attention
  4. You should use an AR-15; they are the most dangerous and cool
  5. No one will shoot back at you at a school—and we’ll make damned sure it stays that way!
    Pssssst. Hey, buddy, did you know schools are Gun Free Zones?

Per usual with his “list posts”, go read what he says about each point. (H/T: PJ Media)