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HB 628 Still Stinks and It’s Still Not Dead, So What’s Happening?

Stop HB628
Image Credit: LibertyBlock.com

The House Finance Committee had a work session on the HB 628, which implements an income tax under cover of a scheme to provide “state-funded” Family Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI) for short-term disability coverage. The progressives on both sides just want the taxing authority and but their mule of choice is a fiscal and administrative disaster.

Elliot Axelman, writing at Liberty Block.com, has a detailed report on the proceedings with a focus on the testimony of NH Dept. of Employment Security Deputy Commissioner, Richard Lavers. Mr. Lavers “walked the Committee through a long packet explaining the FMLI program outlined by HB628.” Elliot adds that,

The Committee seemed to learn a lot from the presentation by Lavers, and their sentiment by the end of the session seemed to be that they wereoverwhelmed by the sheer bureaucracy created by the the program and that they believed the that this program was unsustainable as written.

We’ve exhausted a few electrons around here sharing the observations of individuals and organizations about this awful bill. There are even reports (still denied) that the governor’s office and Republican leadership are publicly opposing HB 628 but privately strong-arming legislators to pass the bill.

Whatever your thoughts to date, either way, make time to read the article at LibertyBlock. It outlines Mr. Lavers testimony in detail, with a list of points that should give everyone pause. Even if you like the idea of a tax on income or another unsustainable promise paid for on the backs of others, the bill as written the bill is built to fail.


We should kill it.

And if FMLI is such big of a priority, why not find a way to encourage the free market to make it more appealing for employers to offer it to employees who want or need it.

Instead of creating a new bureaucracy and plunder-mechanism that will (never go away and) deter new businesses from choosing the Granite State, identify opportunities that get the government out of the way.  Instead of muscling in and forcing a tax on them, cut them a break if they find a solution of their own choosing.

Encourage free market solutions.

That will bring employers and jobs to the state.

A new tax on business or payroll will do the opposite.

Or are we just looking for a publicly funded solution to pander to some big industry special interests at the expense of all else?