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Is Gov. Sununu Going To Break His No Tax Pledge and Destroy the New Hampshire Advantage?

The CNHT No Tax PledgeThe Family Medical Leave Insurance bill (HB628) making it’s way through the New Hampshire House has a great many things wrong with it, not the least of which is that it not only taxes individual income, a division of state government we’ll never be able to opt out of has to be created to collect the tax and administer the program.

It’s an income tax.

Governor Sununu signed CNHT’s No Tax Pledge when he ran for the office he now holds along with many other Republicans, but the inside scoop is that leadership, including the Governor, secretly support the bill and are prepared to make this law.

Sources are suggesting that Leadership has been told to say they oppose HB628 but that they support it.

I’ve heard tell of Representatives being pulled into the Governor’s office and pressured to vote in favor of the bill.

There’s also little to no negative media coverage about the bill’s flaws, the tax, the added bureaucracy, the state public-employee exemption? Where are the editorial objections from the Union Leader? There are none that I can find.

I have also heard that the Governor’s office is denying that they pressured House Reps and I’m sure they’ll keep saying that but who is telling the truth?

Have we got a public statement from the governor on a veto?

If Chris Sununu has no intention of supporting the imposition of a tax on payroll to pay for a poorly arranged and badly written government-run insurance boondoggle then why not get in front of that?

If Chris Sununu has no intention of supporting the institutionalization of a mechanism and a state office to collect these taxes that will never, ever go away, why not stand up to a camera or a microphone and put that out there?

How about a lousy press release?

Dispell all the rumors, whispers and intrigue.

Why are you waiting? Save us all the trouble and say you’ll defend your No Tax promise and veto HB628 or anything like it.

This is so easy. There are free market solutions already and if there’s such a demand why wouldn’t a Republican Governor encourage more free market options and the competition that comes from that instead of socializing it with a tax on payroll and an office full of bureaucratic stiffs that will never see its budget shrink, ever?

Step up and stop this madness. Tell the people you will veto this bill.

Otherwise, given the contradictions, we have to assume you support this and that your office is both lying and applying leverage to make it happen.

You want the political infighting or even a potential Republican primary over this.  Are you kidding me?

Are you freaking kidding me?

As this bill moves forward with all its opt-in, opt-out notary public voodoo, Public employee exemption, unsustainable math, and the tax on individual incomes to pay for it, remember that anything short of a veto by Governor Sununu is breaking his No Tax Pledge.

Will Governor Sununu break the No Tax Pledge? Will he go down in history as the Governor who tipped us over the edge and destroyed the New Hampshire Advantage? Will you let him?

I hope not.