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Who Enabled Nikolas Cruz to Get a Gun Legally?

Apart from the shooter, the real culprits in the Parkland shooting are the people with the responsibility and the authority to protect the school and the public.  Prompted by self-interest and leftist ideology, the Sheriff and School Administrators conspired to ignore increasingly serious criminal offenses by students in order to claim great strides in improving student behavior.  As a result of these intentional actions the public was subject to increasingly more severe student committed crimes, student criminals weren’t punished and became emboldened, mentally disturbed students weren’t treated, and taxpayers were defrauded.   

Without the malfeasance of the school administrators and law enforcement, the many calls to police because of Nikolas Cruz’s behavior and threats would have resulted in his prosecution and/or needed psychological help; either one probably would have avoided his horrible shooting rampage.

The loud desperate rush by leftists to blame others, in particular the NRA, for Nikolas Cruz’s actions was to divert attention and blame from the real culprits and their leftist policies.

The NRA has always supported safe legal gun use for sport and protection.  It was an early promoter of background checks to deny criminals and the dangerous mentally ill the right to buy firearms.  The NRA has long advocated protecting our schools.  Despite everything else that might be done, a determined person can still attack our schools with guns, knives, machetes, bombs, fire, etc.  The FBI failed.  The four Deputies on site during the shooting failed, as they did at Columbine and Sandy Hook.  When all else fails, you need a good guy with a gun in the school, not outside.

The policy to ignore student petty criminal behavior may have been well intended; no one wants a student’s life destroyed by a petty mistake.  But, increasing progress reports were needed by President Obama’s program to reduce convictions of minorities, and that drove ignoring more and increasingly severe student crimes, e.g., armed robbery.

Since these criminals, like Cruz, were/are not prosecuted and convicted, they will not be prevented from buying guns legally; one of these might be the next school shooter.

Because of this policy the public was increasingly victimized and Police were corrupted.  The twenty minute delayed video feed from the school was intentional to allow evidence of school crimes to be erased.  To avoid explaining how stolen items were recovered, many items weren’t returned to their owners.

For more information see:    https://goo.gl/Md4YTR , https://goo.gl/i9Jzyf, and/or  https://goo.gl/DZxHpw

The horrible Parkland shooting is an unintended consequence of the Parkland school administrators’ and local law enforcement’s conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers, and to deny help for troubled, and punishment for criminal, students; they should be held criminally and civilly liable.