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Donna Green Resigns From Timberlane School Board…


February 8, 2018, 11 pm  Sandown, NH

For immediate release:

The following is Donna Green’s statement following her resignation from the Timberlane Regional School Board on Thursday night, Feb. 8. after a meeting in which the board failed to rescind the no trespass order against Maxann Dobson, Timberlane school board candidate from Plaistow.

Maxann Dobson’s restricted access to Timberlane schools is part of a toxic pattern of character smears and political interference by the superintendent that the board refuses to address. I am resigning effective immediately because the board will not demand the revocation of the no trespass order against Mrs. Dobson.

When you don’t stand up to a bully, you fear a dictator and that is that situation with the Timberlane board right now.

I, myself, was subject to a groundless criminal complaint and a no trespass when I was first elected to the school board.  Mr. Jorge Mesa-Tejada in Hampstead, a long-serving budget hawk, currently has a no trespass order against him of two year’s duration.

Timberlane will never have anyone but lackeys running for office if the board continues to allow to be targeted civic-minded citizens who want to control the district’s budget.

I am resigning in support of Mrs. Dobson and will be a formidable critic of the Timberlane school board until they show the spine needed to protect the future of our district. Even if Dr. Metzler should lift the no trespass and close the so called investigation tomorrow, the fact that the board refused to assert its authority in this situation is a disgrace and a warning for all good people to stay far away from Timberlane public office.


Donna Green was a representative from Sandown on the Timberlane Regional School Board.  She served four years on the board and a prior two years on the Timberlane Budget Committee. She can be reached at 617-834-6556 (cell),