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Cornerstone Legislative Update

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Tell your Senator NO on Assisted Suicide

Senate Bill 490’s title says it’s about studying end of life choices. The testimony of the chief sponsor, Sen. Martha Hennessey, said something else: the bill is a step toward bringing an assisted suicide law to New Hampshire.

Read Cornerstone’s full statement about SB 490. The Senate will be voting on SB 490 on February 22. Your senator needs to hear from you! SB 490 should be “inexpedient to legislate.”

Tell your  Senator NO on Casinos (again!)

You’d think that our lawmakers would know by now that casino gambling and slots parlors are bad for New Hampshire families and small businesses.

The Senate will be voting on SB 586 on February 22. Tell your senator to say NO to the bill, and let’s keep New Hampshire casino-free!

Hearing on Conscience Rights for Medical Professionals Tuesday, February 20

HB 1787 will have a public hearing on Tuesday, February 20, at 10:00 a.m. in room 208 of the Legislative Office Building behind the State House. The bill would prohibit discrimination against health care providers who object to participating in abortions, sterilizations, or artificial contraception.

Please spread the word to every health care provider you know: physicians, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals!

What you can do:  

  • Attend the hearing. You may provide written and/or oral testimony, or sign in as supporting the bill.
  • If you can’t attend, email and urge an “ought to pass” vote on HB 1787.

There’s Still Time: Contact Committee on HB 1319, Gender Identity Bill

After two days of public hearings, the House Judiciary Committee will vote in a few days on HB 1319, “the beyond bathroom bill”.

Call the committee office at 603-271-3184 before Tuesday, February 20 to recommend “inexpedient to legislate” on HB 1319. 

Cornerstone has resources for you as you fight FOR fairness and AGAINST HB 1319!

Call Governor Sununu! No Therapy Ban for New Hampshire!

HB 587, the therapy ban bill, seeks to prohibit licensed mental health professionals from offering talk therapy for minors who are experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria. 

The bill threatens therapists with loss of licensure if they engage in open discussion guided by a client’s self-determined goal, if that goal is reducing or eliminating same-sex attraction and/or gender dysphoria.

As a reminder, Governor Chris Sununu was asked by a reporter in a recent interview about the legislation.

Sununu said he opposes conversion therapy, the practice of trying to change an individual’s sexual orientation using psychological or spiritual interventions. “I don’t believe in it,”he said. “So I’m curious to see if that bill will move forward,” hinting that he has a signature pen in hand.

HB 587 is about banning talk therapy. Is this really something for which the Governor “has a signature pen in hand”?

The number one action item on HB 587 now: Call Governor Sununu at 603-271-2121. Let him know you oppose HB 587, and ask him what he is going to do about the bill.

Number two: let the Cornerstone team know what kind of response you get. If you get no response, we’d like to hear about that, too.

Read more about the therapy ban on the Cornerstone website and watch Cornerstone updates for news of the Senate hearing on HB 587, which is likely to come in early March