Blogline of the Day – Well, Trump wants a military parade? This should be enough for anyone!

by Skip

 “Mattis is going to tell WH press that military parade will consist of only himself walking down 5 miles stretch of hot coals.”

(H/T: Instapundit)

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  • mrwonderful

    Trump already had his parade. It happened in Charlottesville this past summer and was put on by “some very good people” – POTUS’s own words.

    • 175jfs


      • allen

        indeed. he obviously has not studied what happened. any violence in charlottesville was engineered. just like Berkley 1 and Berkley 2 and all the other times antifa and BLM has showed up.

        the left does love it’s thugs though. the SA was well loved too until a rejected austrian painter got into power….then he put them against the wall and shot them on the The Night of the Long Knives. their fate will be the same. promised too much, let a little too far into the inner workings of power..they will not be allowed to survive.

        • mrwonderful

          OH C’MON!!! Now you’re defending neo-nazis and KKK members. Gimme a break. I bet you believe in the ruse of “Irish slavery” too . . . SMH

          • allen

            no, I’m defending people who had a permit for a rally, and then they were forced to exit the rally into the group of people who were committed to do violence upon them.

            the police COULD have let them exit the other side of the park and avoided conflict. instead, they forced the two groups together.

            this was engineered. someone WANTED a conflict, and they MADE it happen. why would you defend the people who did that? oh yeah it reinforces your narrative. never mind the truth. never mind that they had a permit. you SHOULD be on the side of free speech because is regulating speech a power you really want to give to Donald Trump? because I don’t think you’ll like how he uses it…

          • Bruce Currie

            My take on the situation is that the white supremacists are the ones who went “looking for a fight”. They intended both to march for their right to be bigoted ignoramuses (ignorami?) and to provoke a response from the Antifa crowd.Then the incompetence of the Charlottesville police in planning for the various rallies made a volatile situation worse. And finally, one brownshirt wanna-be decided a drive-by car killing would teach those “commie / collegians” a lesson.

            To think the “authorities” engineered and intended this conflict is paranoid nonsense and gives them way too much credit. Bigoted ignorance always surfaces in economic hard times, which flyover country has endured for 3 decades, thanks to malign neglect by both parties. Trump’s rhetoric acknowledging the heartland’s economic plight helped him win. What he’s done since reminds us all that talk is cheap.

          • allen

            1)one has the right to be a “bigoted ignoramus”. welcome to america.

            2)one side, said “bigoted ignoramuses” had a permit. the others did not. the proper response from law enforcement would have been to demand the ones that did not disperse, get their permit, and march on another day.

            3)the charolettesville police were not incompetent. they were given specific orders to push the 2 groups together. many of them thought this was a bad idea but the orders came from far above..some say directly from Terry Mccauliffe.


            4)the “drive by car killing” was by a guy who was trapped, and had already witnessed his friends attacked, and saw Dwayne Dixon of Redneck Revolt in his rear window with a rifle aimed at him. was he supposed to sit there and let him fire?

          • Bruce Currie

            I wasn’t aware of Dixon’s claims. But I don’t think it entirely accounts for his actions–like backing up for another run at the crowd. “Black lives smatter” has been a slogan among right-minded folks for nearly as long as the BLM movement has been in existence.

          • allen

            no, of course you weren’t aware of dixon’s claims. you got your narrative and you stopped digging. and it’s not like the mainstream news was going to report it. they never do.

            you’re surrounded by people who are telling you they are going to kill you. you’ve seen them commit violence already, they’ve hit your car with large rocks and baseball bats repeatedly. a guy dressed i na black hoodie with a red bandanna across his face already leveled a rifle at you, and you can still see him in your rear-view mirror. don’t you think “get me the hell out of here” is an appropriate response? is blocking the way of an already panicked driver a smart tactic? do you really think if he got out of the car he would have been treated well, or like Reginald Denny?

            be honest. if you were in that situation you would have done anything to get out of there, including running over anyone in your way. fight or flight takes over.

          • allen

            an addendum to Dixon..

            coward. claims to be an anarchist and at the first sign of trouble calls the police.

          • sb

            My take is that your take is incorrect, based upon actual reports. You always think it’s paranoia when “our side” thinks something is intentional but never when your side claims something was intentional. Funny that.

    • sb

      You must be joking. I really expected better from you than THIS.

  • allen

    and a bunch of vets, myself included, would fall out of the crowd and fall in behind him.

    there’s your parade.

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