So, is Trump doing for African-Americans what Obama couldn’t do?

by Skip

SHOT:  Trump,  during the campaign trail, asking black to vote for him

What the hell do you have to lose?” (e.g., what have the Democrats done for you lately?)

CHASER: The alleged “Racist!” President has delivered for the black community

Black unemployment fell to 6.8 percent in December, the lowest ever recorded by the U.S. Labor Department since it began tracking the black unemployment rate in 1972…During the aftermath of the financial crisis, black unemployment soared to 16.8 percent in 2010, meaning more than 1 out of every 6 African Americans was looking for a job but could not find one. The rate has steadily declined since, breaking the prior all-time low of 7 percent that was set in 2000 during the dot-com boom.”


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