Quick Thought – this is goodness, Gov. Chris!

Image: WMUR- Political Scoop

The governor and GOP leadership also want to make it easier to get occupational licenses in fields ranging from athletic trainer to well pump installer, with a bill to create an agency with oversight of occupational licensing, now handled by a variety of state boards, commissions and departments.

That’s from a piece talking about a few of his 2018 agenda items (no, Chris, no Medicaid expansion – just get more people employed so stick with the initiative on bringing more companies here!) – one that I have written and talked about for years.  Too often, these boards and commissions devolve quickly into industry captured entities that create barriers to entry to said industry to protect the “already established”.  Just call them cliques if you want – I prefer “rent seeking parasites” because they’ve learned to use the force of govt for their own betterment and wallets.

So, you’ll be done with this at the end of…..when?  Give us an ETA! And a Free Market!

(H/T: Union Leader)

by Skip

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