Our NH Democrat Congressional coven beams with pride: "Calif. Dems Propose Amendment to Seize Half of Businesses’ Tax Reform Savings" - Granite Grok

Our NH Democrat Congressional coven beams with pride: “Calif. Dems Propose Amendment to Seize Half of Businesses’ Tax Reform Savings”

Whats mine is yoursFor nothing is more “Democratic” than the mantra “your money is our money – you just haven’t realized it yet”.  They proclaim “why can’t we do this; we are a wealthy country” as if they truly believe that your money IS their money to spend because y’all are all too stupid and dopey to spend it the right way – that is, THEIR way.  Case in point (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Democrats in California have proposed an amendment to take half of the tax savings businesses in their state get from the recently-passed federal tax cuts. California would seize the savings via a proposed “tax surcharge” on any tax reform benefits, The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

So, they feel entitled to any of your money that the Trump and the Republicans have said “hey, it’s YOUR money and we AREN’T going to take that private property away from you anymore”.  Democrats in CA are saying “No, you can’t keep that money – it belongs to US!”:

“A proposed Assembly Constitutional Amendment by Assemblymen Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, and Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, would create a tax surcharge on California companies making more than $1 million so that half of their federal tax cut would instead go to programs that benefit low-income and middle-class families.”

In other words, Democrats won’t let them keep their own money.  They believe that the people who own or run those companies who get to keep more of their earned money because Trump and the Republicans believe it is those companies’ money and not the govt, won’t spend it the “right” way (again, read here as to why redistribution is a valorous virtue to Progressives).  Instead, Democrats are DEMANDING you fork it over to them for THEIR purposes even though they didn’t earn it.  There’s a word for that…


Jeanne Shaheen hates Trump and any Republican. Maggie “The Red” Hassan hates Trump and any Republican.   Annie Kuster  hates Trump and any Republican.  Carol Shea-Porter hates Trump and any Republican.  How do I know this?  They all want your money to be their money as well.  Plus, they like illegal immigrants more than you because these Democrats closed down the Feds because the “rights” of illegals are higher on the Democrat / Progressive identity group political totem pole than the rest of us.

I should ask them that – all of them!  Also, we should demand answers of the NH Republicans Representatives and Senators who are ALL in favor of taxing us here in NH for that wretched Paid Family Leave Act HB 628 – why are they acting like these Democrats (if not in intensity and quality, surely in essence)?

(H/T: CNSNews)