Keene State College Enrollment Problem Solved?

by Steve MacDonald

new-tech-table at UNH

Responsible Spending: The infamous $17,570.00 cafeteria table at UNH

Keene State College has been running deficits. Budget cuts are an annual feature as enrollment declines. But the State University System is coming to the rescue.

New Hampshire public universities are becoming more accessible with the expansion of a financial aid program.

The Granite Guarantee program started in fall 2017 at the University of New Hampshire will now be applicable to Keene State College and Plymouth State University, the University System of New Hampshire announced Tuesday.

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I think colleges should raise money and try to attract students, so the Granite Guarantee is a great idea, but if the UNH system can raise hundreds of millions in “donations” to give students free tuition why do taxpayers keep having to backstop their budget at all?

Couldn’t we redirect that money to something else, like giving it back to the people who earned it by not taking it in the first place?

And then there’s this. What happens when the UNH system runs out of donations to fund their giveaway? How quickly will certain actors in state politics come calling to taxpayers to finance this ‘critical’ program?

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  • Radical Moderate

    This is why Sununu will be a one term Govenor;
    Every Constitutional Republican that I have talked to is disgusted with Establishment Troll Jr. They simply will not turn out for him next time around which means the Democrat Progressives will defacto seize control of leadership.
    But as we who are in the know realize, that’s just fine and dandy with New Hampshire Establishment Republicans since it makes no difference to them and their bank accounts.

    • Radical Moderate

      And another reason;
      It’s simply amazing that this kid is doing everything that the NH Conservative Republicans didn’t want him to do.
      How is it that someone can be so that blind not to see that President Trump has awoken Conservative America to the duplicitous behavior of the Establishment Republicans.
      The only thing I can figure is that they really believe that once this county turns hard Left that they and their bank accounts will be somehow “safe” or that there is someplace they will be able to escape to.
      Either way, it shows both their complete ignorance of history and personal arrogance at the same time.

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