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Gov. Sununu Says “Happy School Choice Week” – No Choice Marxists Hate On Him

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu posted pictures on Facebook in celebration of school choice week. And while most of the comments I saw were favorable, the government-school-only crowd came out to give him grief.

“Happy subsidize the rich with public funds week!”

“Yes, another public subsidy program for people who don’t want to pay for the choices they make. A family in this article thinks we should pay their $39000 high school tuition bill. Heck..even the best public school in NH doesn’t cost that much.”

“This bill is not a good idea. Public education is not failing, but when tax dollars go to support homeschooling and religious schools, and private schools, public education is endangered.”

“Yeah, you want to destroy public education so you appointed NH’s version of Betsy DeVos. How disgraceful.”

“Governor–WE NEED THAT MONEY FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS! This is awful…So now public schools will get worse so Christian schools can flourish.”

“I don’t like the yellow scarf and very concerned you are promoting Betsy DeVos and Trump and will dismantle safety nets of public schools. That yellow scarf is bad!”

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a voice in the no-choice din that recognizes whose money is on the table. Yours. Mine. They all seem content with the idea that once the state concocts a means to plunder your pocket the spoils belong to the government and any deviation from that course advocates for [insert name of bugbear here].

Complete with all the progressive ignorance that flows from such tactics.

I’m particularly intrigued by the recurring ‘funding religions’ theme. Who wants to bet these folks support refugee resettlement, which funnels billions of taxpayer dollars annually into the hands of churches and religious organizations. When can we see a little ‘resistance’ to the Feds running a small fortune into their hands year after year? Never?

Anyway, Happy School Choice Week and feel free to wade into the “debate” on GOv. Sununu’s Facebook page, here.