Connecticut’s Dannel Malloy Sings Progressive Siren Call That NH Democrats Should Answer

Dannel Malloy Tax storyI’d bet someone else’s money that New Hampshire Democrats are jealous of Connecticut and Dannel Malloy. Since 2011 he’s raised taxes at least three times, and instead of balancing the budget with those taxes he overspent each time creating a new deficit requiring more tax increases.

If we jumped in our way-back machine to the mid-to-late naughts, (2006-2010) Dennel’s style of government matches what New Hampshire Democrats had planned for the Granite State.

In 2006 the Democrats had complete control of the New Hampshire House for the first time in 95 years and what did they do? They started spending and taxing.

Durham Democrat, and Finance Committee chair Marjorie Smith said“Look to the sky when you do revenue estimates because we need the money.” Need the money for what? Spending, of course.

Because according to Democrat Dan Eaton, ‘It makes sense to know how much you’re spending before you decide how much money to raise.’

Overestimate revenues. Spend it. Then raise the taxes to cover the deficit you created.

Despite recommendations by Governor Lynch’s own department head, that revenue could be down between $140 million and $195 million from the previous cycle, the governor and Democrats not only ignored the predicted decline they increased General Fund spending (with your money) 17.5% anyway.  The only possible reason to do that is so you can add new taxes because you have to pay for it.

New Hampshire Democrats pretended the state would make more money than it could so they could spend it, and then raise taxes to pay for it.

To help them along there were a few large one-time buckets of cash from the Obama Administration which they spent on things that would need new buckets from the locals in the following years when no federal money was available. All so, in the so-called “worst recession in history” the party of the people could grow government on the backs of the recessed.

By November 2010, with a nearly billion dollar deficit looming, the people (and the tea party revolution), gave the entire State government, except the Governor’s office to Republicans.

Not just majorities but super-majorities.

The Republicans, under Bill O’Brien, cut the 800 million dollars in spending from the budget, cut taxes, and began unraveling the mess.

But while they were doing that, Dannel Malloy was the new Governor in the very Blue State of Connecticut, where he began to do what New Hampshire Democrats started to do. Spend, and tax, and spend and tax.

Within a month of taking office in 2011, Malloy called for the largest tax increase in state history to close a multi-billion-dollar state deficit. His Democratic legislative allies delivered the hike, along with the spending increase he also requested. Four years later, faced with a comparable deficit, Malloy offered the same prescription: a multi-billion dollar tax increase and more state spending. Democratic legislators once again obliged.

Under Malloy and his Democrat Legislature, the tax and spenders are driving the wealth out of their state. Because while many of their residents may be liberal, they still have the mobility necessary to escape the policies and politicians their ideology imposes.

It never ends because it is never enough. There is no end to the increased spending. So those promises that a broad-based tax would provide tax relief are always will be a lie. They need more taxes to pay for more spending. If you give them those taxes, they’ll overestimate revenues every chance they get and then raise taxes to pay for it.

Given the opportunity again, Democrats in New Hampshire will do exactly what they did before but there’s really no reason for them to wait around all angry and pouty-faced.

Dannel Malloy needs New Hampshire Democrats to move to Connecticut. He is creating the liberal utopia. It’s a few hours drive away. It’s everything progressives want to do to New Hampshire without the guns, Murder’s Row, or the free staters. And no need to bus in illegal Democrat voters. Connecticut is full of them already.

All you have to do is give your notice, pack up your pussyhat, and you can be there before dinner.

When you arrive Dannel, and the Democrats will shower you with the glory of the Liberal Promised Land™. The inevitable achievement of the progressive experiment. Over-sized unrepsonsive government and ever-escalating taxes. Power piled at the top, in the nads of people protected by walls of bureaucrats and regulators. And everything that goes with it.

We know it’s what you want. And Dannel needs your money support. Stop being such a hypocrite and go give it to him.


Steve on GAL

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