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A VERY HAPPY reminder


ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, Hillary Clinton did not become President.

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And if you dismiss Trump’s tweets and pronouncements as the Shiny Objects that they are intended to be for the Dems, media, and anti-Trumpers, he’s actually piling up a very good conservative “done” list; just dub him the Anti-Obama.  And this is hillarious (see what I did there?; emphasis mine, reformatted):

Democrats Panicking Because The Trump Administration Is Not Panicking Over The Government Shutdown

What if they gave a shutdown and nobody gave a rat’s patootie? The prospect of that happening is dawning on Democrats and apparently they are terrified. The whole yawn-and-shrug emanating from the White House is causing panic among Democrats:

Veterans of past government shutdown standoffs looked on with a mix of horror and bemusement.

Obama administration officials who spoke to The Daily Beast said they were shocked at the apparent lack of seriousness with which lawmakers, and the Trump White House, appeared to be approaching the potential funding lapse. When they went through a shutdown in 2013—and when they prepped for one in 2011—the contingency planning took weeks. Each federal agency produced comprehensive plans for who would be identified as critical staff, who would be subjected to furlough, how reserve funds and operating fees would affect operations, and so on. These contingency plans weren’t just blueprints for life-in-the-wake of a shut down. They were lifelines, since offices had to operate with far fewer human and monetary resources.

As of late Thursday afternoon, however, numerous federal agencies appeared to have not submitted updated plans to the Office of Management and Budget. Of the nearly 130 agencies and offices that submit contingency plans, 66 of them had not publicly updated their proposals since 2015.

“I just cannot imagine working at an agency without an updated contingency plan, without the days and weeks we spent working through the worst case scenarios of funding and staffing,” said Melanie Newman, who worked at the Department of House and Urban Development and OMB under Obama. “It can only result in chaos.”

Yeah, and Trump wasn’t supposed to win either.  As opposed to the Obama Admin whose main goal was Govt, more Govt, and then pile it on higher and deeper (and more expensive, more Nannyish, and intrusive), I’m thinking that Trump is believing that this is a completely made Democrat crisis that shouldn’t be wasted.  You wanna know why?

“Non-essential personnel”.  Go ahead and extrapolate and see where this goes – I’m thinking that this may well be the tipping point of the Administrative State.  He’s already off-loading a lot of its regulations and people – this will just put it on a much steeper slope.  Again, if you are non-essential, why are we forking up so much in taxes to pay you?  That’s not being mean – that’s just a reality and it is about to bite a whole lot of folks.

There also should be teeth to this – if they end up coming back, no back pay just like if you were laid off in the private sector.  Ain’t no one ever made me entirely whole as entire companies that I worked for got shut down; why should govt jobs be any different?  I like this part:

What you see in this is really a metaphor for the entire eight years of the Obama administration. The conceit that having plans on paper meant that a) the plans were viable and b) that someone was actually reading and acting on the plans.

(H/T: RedState)