How Will NH Democrats React to this News: November Revenue Doubles State Surplus

Percentage-Differences-and-Changes-in-Revenue-Nov-2017I’m curious how the Democrat Drama Queens (and I mean that with the utmost respect) will take the latest fiscal news for the Great State of New Hampshire? Revenues from November have doubled the state’s surplus, according to the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute (NHFPI). That means those awful, horrible, anti-(insert random noun) Republican business tax cuts are still generating higher returns for state coffers.

The two primary business taxes together are $11.7 million (6.6 percent) above plan, with the Business Profits Taxoutperforming the Business Enterprise Tax relative to both last year’s receipts to date and this year’s State revenue plan.

I think we can agree that the progressives in the legislature, after promising us that any tax cuts would punch a massive hole in the budget and put (insert name of some supposedly essential government program here) at risk will now look for the fastest way to spend the money that shouldn’t be there.  Preferably in a way that will require us to keep raising that revenue (with incremental-and always essential- spending increases) in perpetuity.