To Silence One Commissioner NH Democrats Would Use The Government to Silence Them All. - Granite Grok

To Silence One Commissioner NH Democrats Would Use The Government to Silence Them All.

Pajamaboy Pappas
Pajamaboy Chris Pappas, Codename: ‘Francis’

The NHGOP sent out an email today on the easily triggered, toll-hike loving Chris Pappas, complete with a quote from a Union Leader Editorial.

“For some reason, Frank Edelblut drives Democrats at the State House completely crazy.

Edelblut recently tweeted to Executive Councilor Chris Pappas about the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition, using a phrase Pappas had used to attack the Republican tax bill. Pappas threw a fit, alleging that Edelblut was “using an official account to tweet about an issue in the political arena.”

Lighten up, Francis.”

The UL editorial takes my suggestion from yesterday one step further.

I suggested a,

“…companion bill that says that no person earning a taxpayer-funded paycheck working in public education (including universities), nor any dues-paying member or elected or appointed official of a Teachers Union shall run for or hold elective office, serve as the officer of a political party or political committee, use his or her name in support of or in opposition to a candidate, participate in or contribute to political campaigns or act as a lobbyist?”

The Union Leader has an even better idea.

Republicans should call the Democrats’ bluff. If commissioners must wall themselves off from politics, why not all state employees?

Surely, Democrats wouldn’t want anyone in state government engaging in partisan political activity. Republicans could amend the bill to bar anyone working for the state from endorsing or contributing to political candidates or causes.

The legislation, SB466, was “introduced” the day after the tweet triggered delicate partisan political Pajama-Boy Pappas, with all but one State Senate Democrat listed as a sponsor.

That’s a mighty powerful statement.

Every one of those elected New Hampshire Democrats, along with the State Party (who tossed in their two cents) wants to use the power of government to infringe on first amendment protections.

It’s not surprising. And as the UL points out,

To be fair, these draconian limits on political speech are no harsher than Democrats would impose on us all if they could get away with it. 

To silence one commissioner the Democrats will happily silence them all.

So, what kind of value do you think Chris Pappas, the Democrat State Party, and New Hampshire’s elected Senate Democrats place on your right to free association and expression to which they object?